December 13 2021

The Most Popular Esports Tournaments


Esports has ceased to be a niche segment of the gaming industry. Nowadays, many teams participate in hundreds of popular tournaments around the world. The point is that esports can be spectacular, especially in popular video games. Millions of people watch their teams defeat opponents and win trophies every year. Here are the most popular web tournaments worth checking out.

LoL World Championship

Surely you will not find a gamer who has never heard of this multiplayer online battle arena at least once. The fact is that LoL has won the hearts of gamers thanks to its interesting gameplay, a mix of tactics, magic, and team actions. Every LoL match can be compared to chess tournaments, where the final result depends on one step. It is worth noting that Riot Games, the creators of the game, originally planned to turn their brainchild into an esports discipline. Fortunately, their idea was a success, and the LoL World Championship attracts millions of viewers every year.

In addition, the event is held in the largest stadiums, and thousands of people have the opportunity to watch the show live. This extravaganza is worth seeing in person, given that many teams train for 15 hours before group rounds. Cyber ​​athletes don’t even have time to go out and walk. Their thoughts are so preoccupied with the upcoming battles that you could hardly get an answer to a question like, “What to buy with Bitcoins?” LoL athletes focus only on online matches.

Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite changed the video game industry forever in 2017. The fact is that gamers are crazy about online battles and hybrid-tower & defense-shooter games. The game has several modes, and it is the royal battle that has become the most relevant for organizing esports tournaments. But local tournaments aren’t as popular as the Fortnite World Cup. Nevertheless, this esports event attracts millions of gamers every year.


It should be noted that the competitions are held in the best arenas in the world. Teams need to go through a ton of qualifying stages before they qualify for the final cup. However, the prize pool is large enough to motivate most newbies to train around the clock. You should probably look at how cyber athletes compete in the group stages.

Free Fire Continental Series

Free Fire is a battle royale game that has become a hit for smartphones and tablets. Gamers liked the competitive mode so much that Garena created a global web competition for international players. As a result, millions of gamers watch the Free Fire Continental Series and live streams every year. It is worth noting that Garena leases the largest stadiums around the world to host esports events. Even though the last few tournaments had to be held exclusively online, millions of gamers still enjoy watching the matches and the standings with pleasure.

The International (Dota 2)

Most gamers probably know that Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games of our time. Unfortunately, it looks like Valve hit a bull’s-eye when they released this online project in 2013. The company originally planned to create a web tournament so that the best teams could compete in matches. Fortunately, this MOBA is very popular with gamers.


That is why The International has become one of the most famous and rated tournaments. Millions of people worldwide watch the annual competition of the best teams. In addition, the prize fund is growing every year. Imagine that the winners can receive several tens of millions of dollars. Such amounts are an unconditional record for the gaming industry.

MBLL M2 World Championship

And here is another LoL variation for mobile devices that have become extremely popular in the esports world. Despite the simplified interface and some gameplay features, the game is great for online broadcasts. So this is why the MBLL M2 World Championship is so popular among American, European, and Asian gamers. You should see the final battles on YouTube and see for yourself how fans love the game. The fact is that this is a real hurricane of tactical combinations and team play.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season

PUBG is a battle royale game that gained worldwide popularity in 2017. A year later, Tencent Games decided that a mobile version would be a good idea, and they were right. Millions of gamers worldwide are happy to fight on online maps for the right to be called the best of the best. By the way, PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season has become one of the largest web tournaments of our time. Plus, the prize pool is big enough to motivate newbies to train 24/7. You should probably watch the archived videos to see the game’s popularity.

CS:GO Major

You’ve probably heard of CS: GO at least once, as it is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooters of all time. Since 2013, Valve has been hosting the CS: GO Major, the largest esports event of our time. The best teams compete for the title of champions and impressive cash prizes. Of course, CS: GO is a little less popular than Dota 2. But you can hardly find a gamer who has not enjoyed watching the Major finals.

Final Words

There are quite a few popular web tournaments worth your attention. Start with the trendiest ones, and you will surely get a lot of positive emotions. Fortunately, online viewers don’t have to pay for tickets. Instead, you can connect to streams for free and watch your favorite teams and athletes. All of the above tournaments can even motivate you to become part of a team.


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