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Top 10 Biggest Twitch Casino Streamers in 2022

There are various online casino streaming channels on Twitch, but it is tough to discover respectable and famous casino streamers who provide genuine information regarding the best Casino games and playing strategies.

Before you start gambling or watching videos on Twitch, you have to be familiar with the well-known streamers in this global community. And here, we have provided the list of the biggest Twitch casino streamers who can motivate you to become a follower towards starting a successful online casino streaming journey. Want to become one? Try to start your career with Casumo or SlotXO.

1) Rothstein

Rothstein isn’t any less than an iconic parent withinside the world of online gambling and streaming. He can be easily recognized with his long hair and hat, which he always shows up while streaming. He uses the ban button quite hard on his streams, which has earned him loads of notoriety. Rothstein works with many casinos such as Mr. Green and SlottyVegas.

Rothstein is a famous persona on Twitch Casino and has over 870,000 subscribers. The channel has 9,090 peak viewers, and his biggest win to date is $16,650,000.

2) ClassyBeef

This channel is based in Malta with interesting streaming content on online casinos. ClassyBeef is a naturally exciting channel and gives pleasure to its viewers. ClassyBeef is affiliated with, and the channel’s seven hosts are superb. If you like a bit of humor while streaming during real money slots, this is the best.

The online casino streaming Twitcher channel ClassyBeef has 222,000 subscribers, maintaining consistency to gain momentum and popularity. The achievement of ClassyBeef withinside the Twitch streaming network is the strength of the viewers.

ClassyBeef averages between 5,000 and 7,000 viewers consistent per stream, which is impressive. The biggest win is $1,500,000.

3) Teuf

Teuf, also referred to as Teuf’s, Teufteuf or Teufeurs, is a famous online casino streamer. Teufeurs was a truck driver and worked for six months before getting disabled due to a car accident. Since then, he started broadcasting, and in a very short span, he became famed. The biggest win for Teuf is $1,289,141, and it has 27,500 peak viewers on its channel.

You need to admit something, i.e., influencers who have gained success on Twitch often share similar content. But, here, Teuf is far between them. Though they are not from English-speaking nations, their streams are in the English language.

4) Trainwreckstv

Trainwreckstv is a Twitch streaming channel that first revealed those streamers who were gambling on false money. The face behind Trainwreckstv is Tyler Faraz Nigram, an American Twitch streamer. He began introducing content material on games in the year 2015. He has spent more than 2,500 hours on air, which among all the accounts locates him as the old-timers of the field.

Currently, the channel has 1.7M subscribers on Twitch. It is the first channel that streams content with a combination of casino gaming and video games to the viewers, giving unique experiences. Trainwreckstv’s biggest win is $769,500, with peak viewers of 82,731.

5) Xposed

A pretty charismatic Canadian Xposed participant is Cody Burnett from Ontario. Cody has been fascinated with the games because a 25-year-old guy turned into a kid. Cody is a virtual local, and primary commenced streaming call of duty before coming into the world of casinos in 2017. He was one of the first to turn himself into a Twitch streamer.

With six years of streaming on Twitch, he has gained 485K subscribers. Cody is currently attempting his hand at online casino games for his channel. The biggest win for Xposed is $750,000 with 110,400 peak viewers.

6) CasinoDaddy

CasinoDaddy is a group of 3 Swedish brothers, namely Anton, Erik, and Matthias Joelsson. The brothers specialize in excessive stakes online slot games and are enthusiastic about gambling poker or live roulette. They have around 165,000 subscribers and are one of Twitch’s famous online casino streamers.

Now, Casino Daddy has taken streaming as a business and made multiple deals with online casinos to show them on broadcasts.

The brothers like to place a big wager, and their streams are complete with regular and interesting winning. Casino Daddy performs on many online casino sites. They work with LeoVegas. Casino Daddy is affiliated with KingBilly, CashiMashi, Playluck, and more. It has 45,900 peak viewers, and the biggest win for them was €569,204.80.

7) AyeZee

Ziad came on Twitch with his channel AyeZee in the year 2019. However, he already has 139K subscribers to date despite starting late. Ziad streaming is completely transparent as the transactions are shared with the viewers to check his cryptocurrency account for withdrawal and transfers. This Lebanese-South Africa streamer is affiliated with Rollbit Casino.

AyeZee’s biggest win is $571,200 with 54,200 peak viewers, and he gets almost every bonus for five to ten spins. Currently, he resides in Malta.

8) Deuce Ace

DeuceAce is a well-known streamer, and he has been supposedly in competition with Roshtein since school days, as per his bio. The channel has over 222K subscribers, with 5,000 peak viewers. The biggest win for DeuceAce is $485,000.

He says; he is a methodical and rather unhurried gamer with quite a few revels in finance. This is what offers him the threshold withinside the competition.

9) Bidule

It is one of the most famous names visible among French Twitch casino streamers. The real name behind the Bidule is Andrien. Bidule prefers live table games to slots. Bidule generally begins streaming at four p.m GMT; however, he has not set any routine for his streams.

Bidule began streaming games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette on Twitch a year ago. Currently, his channel has 170K subscribers with 10,200 peak viewers, and his biggest win was $313,900 on a live game Mega Ball show.

10) m0E_tv

M0E_tv is one of the best online casino Twitch streamers with 883K subscribers. It has gained fame all around the world from gamers. The reputation of m0E_tv is normally extra than the playing legend Roshtein. You can also find them on YouTube, with 570,000 subscribers with the same channel name.


You can explore Twitch and search for the streamers mentioned in the article. Mor on Tqitch casino streaming can be found on If you love gambling and want to learn more with practical examples, these streamers can be the best option to get the technicalities and methods to win casino games online.


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