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Published: Thursday, November 04, 1999

Uploading Files from the Client to the Server

For More Information on File Upload...
Be sure to check out the File Upload Article Index for more information on uploading files from a visitor's computer to the Web server! There are links there to numerous upload files and third-party components!

- continued -

One of the most frequently asked questions is, "How can I upload a file from the client to the server?" There are a number of third-party components available that make uploading files a breeze. The two industry standards are:

If you need a heavy-duty upload component, these components are the way to go. However, these components can cost between $100 - $300. If you have a small site, or only want to let one or two people upload files, it seems hard to pay such money.

Thankfully, Doug Dean has created a free upload component that comes with the source code! This component, EZSite UpLoad Lite, is 100% free and (get this) comes with the source code! Wow. I've tested it out a bit myself and am very pleased with it.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know about this killer product. So, if you ever need to upload files, and don't feel like shelling out a couple hundred bucks, check out Doug Dean's EZSite UpLoad Lite. Heck, there's even a great, informative article about EZSite Upload over at 15Seconds.com: Down and Dirty Browser Uploading with a VB ASP Component.

Uploading Files without a Component
If you'd like to be able to upload components without using a third-party component, you can use a "just-script" file upload solution. This method is not very scalable and has ugly code, but if all you need is a quick and inexpensive way to upload files, give the componentless upload script a look:
Read Pure ASP File Upload

Happy Programming!

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