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Published: Monday, November 15, 1999

JavaScript Tutorials & Articles

Client-side scripting, as the name implies, is script code that is executed on the client. This is commonly used for purposes of form validation. For example, if you create a form that contains a text box for the user to enter his or her age, you don't want to let the user enter values like "Bob" or "53213". One way to prevent this is to let the user submit the form, even with erroneous values, and check whether or not the values the user entered were valid using ASP. This is referred to as server-side form validation. Client-side form validation, on the other hand, checks to make sure the values entered into the form are valid before the form is submitted to the server.

Client-side scripting must be done using JavaScript as the scripting language, since Firefox, Opera, Safari, and other non-Microsoft browsers only support JavaScript as a legal, client-side scripting language. Due to the fact that most ASP pages are developed using VBScript as the server-side language, many ASP developers either don't know JavaScript, or are a little rusty at it. Do not fear! The following tutorials will more than help you learn or sharpen your JavaScript skills.

JavaScript Tutorials for Beginners
This site offers a variety of tutorials targeted toward the beginner JavaScript developer.

JavaScript Tutorials at W3Schools.com
This JavaScript tutorial contains more than 200 examples, all of which you can edit and execute directly from your browser.

A Re-Introduction to JavaScript
This tutorial provides a good overview of JavaScript that is useful for both those learning JavaScript and those with some JavaScript experience.

Advanced JavaScript Tutorials
A list of JavaScript tutorials and articles geared toward experienced JavaScript developers.

VBScript-to-JavaScript Translations
One disadvantage of JavaScript is that it doesn't contain many of the nice formatting functions that are inherent with VBScript. To help overcome that shortcoming, the VBScript-to-JavaScript section implements several common VBScript functions in JavaScript code so you can use them in your client-side JavaScript code!

Learning JavaScript is an important aspect of web development. It's unfortunate that so many languages need to be learned to work with the web. However, JavaScript is one of the important ones, and it is important that you at least have an understanding of how JavaScript works, what it can do, and the general form of its syntax.

Happy Programming!

Additional JavaScript Resources from Internet.com

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