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Regular Expression Information

Become a regular expressions master! Know what regular expressions are? Do you want to learn how to master their use? If you are a beginner, novice, or expert at regular expressions, you'll find the collection of regular expression articles and information we have posted here an invaluable resource!

Below are several regular expression articles and resources!

Articles for Those Who are Brand Spankin' New to Regular Expressions
If you've never worked with regular expressions, read the following articles to get your feet wet. I think you'll find regular expressions are a powerful tool for performing advanced string searching, matching, and replacing.

Articles for Those Who are Familiar with Regular Expressions
If you've worked with regular expressions before, or know the theory behind them, these articles will help broaden your understanding of regular expressions. The true power of regular expressions is revealed in these articles.

Microsoft's Documentation on Regular Expressions
With version 5.0 of their scripting engines, Microsoft included regular expression support in the form of a light-weight COM object. Therefore, to utilize regular expressions you must have version 5.0 or greater of the scripting languages installed on your Web server. You can determine the version of your server-side scripting language by using the code presented at: Determining the Server-Side Scripting Language and Version.

Questions, Anyone?
If you have regular expression questions you can ask them on-line at:

Regular Expressions are a neat way to perform powerful string matching and replacing. I find them invaluable in a number of situations. I hope you find these articles interesting and informing. If you'd like to suggest an article to be added here, please let me know!

Happy Programming!

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