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Common ASPMessageboard.com Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions on ASPMessageboard.com. The questions are arranged by subject.

  • Beginner-level ASP Questions (last updated 05/07/00)
  • Database-related Questions (last updated 08/02/00)
  • Advanced-level ASP Questions (last updated 05/04/00)
  • ASP+ Questions (last updated 08/03/00)

    The NUMBER ONE asked question: "How do I disable the back button?"
    READ A Thorough Examination of "Disabling the Back Button." FOR A GREAT ANALYSIS!

    Also, this one gets asked frequently:

    How do I write my own ASP Messageboard? / Where can I get the source code for this message board? / Where can I download an evaluation copy of this messageboard?

    ASPMessageboard.com is run using Doug Dean's EZSite Forum. This is commercial software, costing $349 as of 8/31/01. All inquiries as to evaluation copies should be addressed directly to Doug Dean.

    Want a Messageboard System that Runs on ASP.NET?
    If you are looking for a Web message board that runs on Microsoft's ASP.NET, look no further than the ASP.NET Forums, which is freely available at http://www.asp.net/Forums/Download/.

    There are other message board systems out there, some free, some more expensive than Doug's, and some less expensive. (View a list of Message Board systems.) There is even free source code for message board systems. Check out:

    If there are some Frequently Asked Questions that you don't see in these pages that you think belong here, please let me know!

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