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Common ASP+ Questions

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    Here are some common beginner-level questions, and their answers:

    When will ASP+ be available to the public? (The bits have been released! This post provides the URL from where you can obtain them!)
    What are the system requirements needed to run ASP+?

    Will ASP+ have greater memory requirements than ASP?

    Will I need/be able to write ISAPI DLLs with ASP+?
    Will I be able to create ASP+ pages with VBScript as the server-side language?
    Will I be able to create ASP+ pages with VBScript as the server-side language?
    Will I be able to distribute compiled ASP+ applications (hiding the source code?)?
    Will I be able to run ASP+ pages on IIS 4 or PWS, or is IIS 5 needed?
    I've heard ASP+ can handle Cookie-less Sessions (that is, Sessions will work for those who do not have cookies). How does ASP+ accomplish this and what benefits does this have?
    How does one upload files from the client to the server using ASP+ (without using components)?
    Will there be any tools to help migrate existing ASP 2.0/3.0 applications to ASP+?
    What server-side languages can be used to create ASP+ pages?
    Could someone clarify the integration/utilisation of ASP+, custom COM components and web services. I am a little confused with the direction that we should be heading. For example, do we create DLL's like usual, or do we implement the VB classes within ASP+? Where do the web services fit into the grand scheme of things?

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