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Common Advanced-level ASP Questions

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    Here are some common Advanced-level questions, and their answers:

  • How can you provide spell checking ability for user input on an ASP page?
  • Is it possible execute an application on the Web server through an ASP page?
  • Is it possible to detect AOL users and redirect them to a particular page in my Web site?
  • How can I obtain the physical location of a file?
  • How can I determine if a visitor to my site has a cookie enabled browser (or how can I make sure that the visitor has cookies turned on in his or her browser)?
  • Response.Expires = 0 doesn't force IE5 to refresh, it still caches the pages! How can I force IE5 to reload a page?
  • Can I store an ADO object in a Session variable?
  • Is it really that important to explicitly close and set your ADO objects to nothing?
  • Sometimes ASP hangs, and ASP pages aren't served anymore. I have to reboot. Is there some workaround so I don't have to reboot every time this happens?
  • How do I create my own ActiveX components to use in ASP?
  • How do I create statistical charts from data in a database using ASP?
  • Where can I learn more about copying/deleting/reading files on the Web server?

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