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Published: Friday, September 07, 2001

ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code
Chapter 6: Data Manipulation with ADO.NET

Buy ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code Today! With a foreword by Microsoft's Mark Anders, ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code consists of 19 chapters written by seven of today's leading experts in ASP.NET. These authors are professional developers who create ASP.NET applications, teach, run well-known ASP.NET Web sites, either within or outside of Microsoft. The tutorial framework for each chapter includes:

  • A brief introduction, explaining the concept.
  • A code example, illustrating the concept.
  • A piece-by-piece explanation of the code.

Most examples employ VB.NET, but there are also additional C# examples within each chapter, and all of the example programs will be available at the book's web site in both VB.NET and C#. The code examples in this book are based upon the ASP.NET Beta2 specifications, a functionally complete version of the software.

This free sample chapter was written by Steve Walther, teacher, author, and speaker. The chapter examines ADO.NET and its role in ASP.NET development. Read on to learn more!

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