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Published: Thursday, May 13, 2004

Build Your Own ASP.NET Web Site with VB.NET & C#
Chapter 3: VB.NET and C# Programming Basics

Build Your Own ASP.NET Web Site with VB.NET & C#, by Zak Ruvalcaba, is a great book to learn how to build an ASP.NET Web site. It is targetted toward those brand new to .NET, and spends adequate time going over all steps, from downloading and installing the .NET Framework all the way through working with XML Web services. To quote from the book:

This book is aimed at beginner, intermediate, and advanced Web designers looking to make the leap into server-side programming with ASP.NET. You’ll be expected to feel comfortable with HTML, as very little explanation is provided here.

By the end of this book, you should have a firm grasp on what it takes to download and install ASP.NET and the .NET Framework, configure and start your Web server, create and work with basic ASP.NET pages, install and run either Access or MSDE, create database tables, work with advanced, dynamic ASP.NET pages that query, insert, update, and delete information within a database.

All examples provided in the book are written in both Visual Basic .NET and C#, the two most popular languages for writing ASP.NET Websites. They start at beginners’ level and work up. As such, no prior knowledge of the two languages is required in order to read, learn from, and apply the knowledge provided in this book. Experience with other programming or scripting languages (such as JavaScript) will certainly grease the wheels, however, and will enable you to grasp the fundamental programming concepts more quickly.

I (Scott Mitchell) am happy to present a free sample chapter from Zak's book. The sample chapter provided is Chapter 3: VB.NET and C# Programming Basics. If you want to read further chapters, SitePoint.com provides Chapter 1: Introduction to .NET and ASP.NET, and Chapter 2: ASP.NET Basics for your perusal.

Enjoy the sample chapter...

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