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Sample Chapters

Sample Chapters!
Here is a list of ASP-related books that contain free, on-line sample chapters. If you know of an ASP-relatd book that is not listed here that has an on-line chapter, please do let me know. Also be sure to check out reader reviews on thees and many other ASP-related titles!

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Professional ASP.NET (Published by Apress on 7/15/2001)
This ASP.NET tome is a whopping 1,400 pages, packed full of information about Microsoft's ASP.NET. If you are a serious ASP.NET developer, this is one book that should definitely be in your library!
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Professional SQL Server 2000 Database Design (Published by Apress on 3/1/2001)
Database design is an essential skill that is often not adequately mastered by those who design databases as part of their jobs. This book presents the most widely used methodology (IDEF1X) in an easily accessible form and provides exhaustive information and examples on the process of designing and implementing a database application from the backend database programmer's standpoint. It takes the reader through the process of designing a database from conception to documentation.
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Learning XML (Published by O'Reilly on 2/1/2001)
This book is for those new to XML - the book discusses the purpose of XML, examines the XML markup, and provides an in-depth look into XSL. If you need to firm up your grasp on XML this book is an excellent choice.
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C# Essentials (Published by O'Reilly on 1/31/2001)
C# is a new language being released alongside with Microsoft's ASP.NET. ASP.NET Web pages can be created in a number of .NET-compatible languages, including Visual Basic.NET (VB 7), JScript.NET, and C# (among others). C# is (strikingly) similar to Java in syntax and style.
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VBScript Pocket Reference (Published by O'Reilly on 1/30/2001)
This book, now in its second edition, provides a concise reference guide for VBScript, the scripting language of choice for most ASP developers. This title, as its name suggests, serves best as a reference. If you find yourself often needing to know the specific parameters or purpose of a particular VBScript statement, operator, function, or keyword, this book is for you!
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Introducing .NET (Published by Apress on 1/22/2001)
This first chapter of Introducing .NET gives a broad overview of Microsoft's new .NET Framework! Since the next "version" of ASP, ASP.NET, is tightly integrated with the .NET Framework, it is essential to have a good understanding of the overall .NET initiative. This sample chapter is a great place to start!
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Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming (Published by Apress on 12/1/2000)
This book is a revised follow on from Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming, to address the new features of this recent release. With a general understanding of programming principles, (e.g. familiarity with VB, C++, VB Script) Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming provides a comprehensive overview of the new areas of SQL Server, for programmers.
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Designing Active Server Pages (Published by O'Reilly on 10/1/2000)
Designing Active Server Pages is written for developers who have already mastered the basics of ASP application development and are ready to take the next logical step. It is sure to become an indispensable part of every web developer's library!
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Professional Windows DNA (Published by Apress on 9/1/2000)
Building distributed web applications is a wide-ranging topic, covering a variety of technologies and techniques. Windows DNA is the name given to the combination of traditional n-tier architecture with the intrinsic Windows 2000 services, including COM+, MSMQ, and Active Directory. Using this architecture, you can design and build scalable enterprise-level distributed applications on the Windows 2000 platform. This book takes an in-depth look at the DNA architecture, focusing on fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. Each of the logical tiers is examined, with particular emphasis placed on the features COM+ contains to make component building simpler and more powerful!
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Understanding SOAP (Published by Sams Publishing on 7/10/2000)
This book examines, in great detail, the Simple Object Access Protocol, or SOAP for short. SOAP is a platform-independent protocol for accessing objects on remote servers. ASP.NET's Web services utilizes the SOAP protocol for the communication between a Web service and the client consuming the Web service.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Sams Publishing's HomePage]

ASP In a Nutshell, 2nd Ed. (Published by O'Reilly on 7/1/2000)
ASP in a Nutshell, 2nd edition, provides the high-quality reference documentation that web application developers really need to create effective Active Server Pages. It focuses on how features are used in a real application and highlights little-known or undocumented features.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit O'Reilly's HomePage]

A Preview of Active Server Pages+ (Published by Apress on 7/1/2000)
Microsoft's Active Server Pages technology is still a relatively new way to create dynamic web sites and application. It has, however, evolved quickly to become the foremost tool in the Windows-oriented Web programmer's toolbox. Microsoft is currently working on the next generation of ASP, provisionally called ASP+ and part of the .NET strategy for web development. This is not just an update to ASP as we know it but instead an evolutionary leap in the whole concept of how ASP can provide a dynamic Web development environment!
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Professional ASP XML (Published by Apress on 6/1/2000)
This book is for intermediate to advanced ASP programmers, who have little or no knowledge of XML, and want to expand their programming ability by adding XML skills to their repertoire. XML will be explained from the ground up. However, other technologies will not be discussed in such detail and it is assumed that the user is familiar with other Internet techniques on the Microsoft platform, such as (D)HTML, client-side scripting with JScript, and programming in Visual Basic. You should have at least a basic understanding of three-tier architectures like Microsoft DNA.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days (Published by Sams Publishing on 2/15/2000)
If you are new to Active Server Pages, and wanting to learn more, this book, Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days, is definately for you! After having read this book, you will be a proficient ASP developer, able to create powerful data-driven Web sites with ease!
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Sams Publishing's HomePage]

Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0 (Published by Apress on 1/1/2000)
Active Server Pages 3.0 is a scripting tool which offers an easy and user friendly way of programming dynamic web sites. ASP 3.0 is an easy way to control content - with the flexibility to handle complex professional commercial sites, utilizing components, objects and Databases.
[Read the Sample Chapter] | [Buy this Book!] | [Visit Apress's HomePage]

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