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The SQL Guru Answers your Questions...

Today's question comes from Jason I.:

Hello, I'm not trying to stump the SQL Guru - I actually want an answer :) I am a web programmer and most of the sites I work on have fairly simple category-and-product type databases. My basic knowledge of how to define tables and write all the basic database actions relating to these simple databases has gotten me pretty far... but now I'm starting to realize that my data modelling skills are lacking. What is the best book you can recommend on the subject?

  • Jason Ives
  • Jason,

    I wrote the chapter on normalization in the MCSE training guide for SQL 6.5 and 7.0. It's a pretty good primer (in my opinion :)), and includes lots of examples and a case study. I recommend the 7.0 book, because my friend Dave did a lot of cleanup on the chapters we didn't write in the 6.5 book. (Buy MCSE: SQL Server 7 Database Design)

    Also excellent, in-depth is Handbook of Relational Database Design. A little dated, but still good!


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