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User Tips

Wondering what 4GuysFromRolla.com readers have to suggest when developing ASP scripts? Over the past several months, I've received tons of tips from alert readers, folks who wanted to share knowledge they've amassed while working on ASP. Here is an ever-growing list of tips from 4Guys readers!

If you've got a tip, be sure to share it with me!

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    05-17-06 Receiving an Email When Database Data is Changed
    05-17-06 Highlighting a DataGrid Row When Mousing Over
    04-30-06 Calculate the Date After a Given Number of Business Days
    08-09-02 Using the .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle
    04-03-02 Creating a Validation Control for CheckBoxLists
    03-08-02 Renaming Access Database Tables
    02-22-02 Using the ISO Date Format for International Dates
    10-31-01 Finding Similar Sounding Names using SOUNDEX
    10-20-01 Reading Flash File Information (.swf) through an ASP Page
    10-09-01 Using Return Values from a SQL Server Stored Procedure to Customize Error Messages
    09-10-01 A Single-Column Traversing Cursor Code Generating Script
    07-12-01 Creating Dynamic Cascading Style Sheets with ASP
    06-28-01 Displaying All of the Form Variables
    06-13-01 Inserting the Contents of a Two-Dimensional Array into a Database
    05-31-01 Selecting a Random File from a Directory and Outputting its Contents
    04-17-01 Reading an MP3s ID3 Tag throuhg an ASP Page
    04-13-01 Creating an IIF Function for VBScript
    03-29-01 Deleting a Subset of Session Variables
    03-25-01 A Horizontal Percentage Guage Class
    01-09-01 Quickly Switching Between HTTP and HTTPS
    12-26-00 Getting the ID of the Just Inserted Database Record
    11-09-00 Converting URLs into Hyperlinks
    10-17-00 Reading a File into an Array
    09-12-00 Generic Input Forms
    09-06-00 Using FileSystemObject Constants
    09-06-00 Making Quick, Random Decisions in an ASP Page
    06-05-00 Populating a Dropdown from an Application Variable
    06-05-00 Randomly Generating an Alpha or Numeric Random Password
    05-31-00 Iterating Through the Form Contents Using JScript
    05-31-00 Use GetRows to Speed Up Displaying "Skinny" Tables
    04-06-00 Eliminating IsEmpty and IsNull Issues
    03-02-00 A Neat Use for Include Files Encompassing both HTML content and ASP Code
    03-01-00 Listing the Contents of the Session and Application Objects
    02-28-00 Redirecting the User when the Session Expires
    02-10-00 Forget to Set your Recordset/Connection Objects Equal to Nothing?
    01-11-00 Populating a Drop-Down List the Easy Way using SQL and VBScript
    01-11-00 A Quick and Dirty Random Password Generator
    12-06-99 Providing a favicon.ico on your Web Site
    11-29-99 Displaying Date-Specific Content
    11-29-99 Using Kill.exe to Stop InetInfo.exe
    11-28-99 Preparing SQL Command Text
    11-28-99 Problems with Request.Form?
    11-21-99 Making sure International Web Browsers Render your Web Pages Correctly
    11-06-99 A Date Convertion Function
    11-06-99 Obtaining the Last Modified Date of an ASP Page
    10-27-99 Use includes and Variables for Links
    10-25-99 Improving the Custom Date Formatting Function
    10-25-99 Capitalizing Each Word In A Sentence
    10-25-99 Improving the readability when using GetString

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