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User Tips: Using Kill.exe to Stop InetInfo.exe

By Rob

Kill, Kill, Kill.

Have you ever used a loop to get records from a recordset? Used a loop for many If...Then...Else statements? If you work with loops often it's more than likely you've managed to crash IIS.

Here's some crash test code: :)

Dim Num1, Num2 Num1 = 1 Num2 = 2 Do While Num1 < Num2 Response.Write "You wont see this, the server has crashed" Next

This is doing a Do...Loop but the condition will never change; this is where a very handy program comes into play.

As you open the task manager to find out why your computers running so slow, you'll see the Processor usage at 100% and inetinfo.exe using 97% - 99% of resources, try to end the process... HA! you can't Access Denied! This is where I usually try the console and try a NET STOP W3SVC but again, it can't.

So then what do I do... well, with KILL.EXE I can do this at the console:

Kill inetinfo.exe
Net start "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

(Ok, or net start w3svc)

So there you go, unfortunately KILL.EXE cannot be downloaded as a separate file but is only available with the Windows NT Resource Kit, but what the heck, the NT4 Resource Kit is bursting with tons of other goodies anyway!

Happy Programming!

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