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Joao Vieira.
Joao Vieira is a passionate columnist, who churns out articles like there was no tomorrow! Joao is a resident of Portugal, and an avid ASP developer.

How Many People Are on your Site Right Now? 06-13-99
This article demonstrates how to determine the number of users on your site at a given time, and how to display this information.
[Read More]

Two Ways to Protect your ASP Pages 05-30-99
This article demonstrates two methods to prevent access to your ASP pages from outside of your website. If you have any ASP pages that you do not want to be directly accessed (for example, you may want the user to pass through some introduction pages on your site first), then this article will be helpful! Joao discusses two techniques, using the Request.ServerVariables collection to protect the pages.
[Read More]

Sending Digital PostCards with ASP 04-23-99
This article demonstrates how to send/display digital postcards using Active Server Pages and the ASPEmail component.
[Read More]

Filling a ComboBox with Results from a Database Query 04-15-99
This article by Joao Vieira demonstrates how to fill a combo box with the results from a database query. This article provides an important script which is very useful to newbies and intermediate ASP developers!
[Read More]

Four Ways of Passing Data From One ASP Page to Another 04-13-99
This article demonstates four unique ways to pass variables from one ASP page to another. FORMs, querystring passes, and session variables are discussed. A good primer on passing data in ASP!
[Read More]

An Email Validation Routine 04-011-99
This article, Joćo Vieira's first, presents a simple script to validate an email address using ASP. Since it uses ASP, the validation occurs on the server. [Read More]

Joao's Bio

João Vieira BIO: (email me!)
- Age : 23
- Student And worker (tryin' to finish university, on the last year of the graduation)
- Workin' now at NetGate Portugal
- Programming little stuff since 1989
- Programming HTML since 1996
- Programming JavaScript since 1997, made some experiences with Java.
- Programming ASPs since the Summer of 1997 (yeap, I didn't had nothing to do. Now I love it.)
- Programming ActiveX since 1998
- Webmaster of www.joaovieira.com

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