November 9 2023

3 Fun Writing Prompts


Do you like writing, but do you often not know what to write about? This is a problem many writers struggle with: it’s called writer’s block. A writer’s block can be hard to break through, but sometimes a little push in the back is all that you need. In this blog, we’ll list three writing prompts that you can take inspiration from. Take your pen and get inspired!

What would you do with all the money in the world?

Having lots of money creates many possibilities for a great storyline. We’d like to challenge you a bit further: not only should you write about what your goal with the money is, we’d also like to know how you got the money. Did you earn it through hard work, or did you get lucky in a high volatility casino game? How much money did you win and what is the first thing you’re buying with it? You can take this storyline wherever you want it to go: maybe at some point you’ll lose the money, or you’ll have to fight to keep it. It’s all up to you!

What would a conversation with your idol look like?

Everybody has someone they look up to in life. Whether it’s a famous singer, an actor, a sports player, or a family member – this person has made you the person that you are right now, maybe without even knowing. A conversation with this person is something that might be hard to imagine, but that does create a great opportunity to practice your writing. There are many things that you might want to ask your idol, or maybe you just simply want to say how much of an impact they have had on your life. Writing dialogue can be very hard; this prompt is a great way to improve this skill.

What would a scene with you in your favorite series look like?

Series can be a great way to find inspiration. You can follow several characters closely, or you can get inspired by the way they used audio and video. Whether a teenage drama like Euphoria, a bank robbery like Money Heist, or an escape like Prison Break, you often like the series that seems like a completely different world compared to yours. This makes it even more exciting to imagine what the series would look like if you would be partaking. What would your role be and how would the characters act towards you? Will you help solve the problem that the entire series is about? It’s up to you! By placing yourself in a situation like this, you can start to appreciate your favorite series even more.

Good luck!

Hopefully, we’ve managed to inspire you for your next story. These prompts are just examples: there are many more topics that you could write a great story about. We wish you the best of luck!


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