September 16 2023

5 Mistakes That Every New Bitcoin Trader Should Avoid


Despite the often-elevated volatility, growing popularity, and technically compelling nature of cryptocurrencies, they have one major shortcoming that prevents their mass adoption: they require a complex set of technical knowledge to make sense of them. To make your bitcoin trades valuable the Bitcoin Future platforms allow users to bypass these complexities.

On these exchanges, such as Coinbase or Gemini, you can exchange your Fiat currency for Bitcoin, Ethereum (or even other cryptocurrencies) in seconds. But before you invest any money into the market, it’s essential to understand what not to do.

Countless people fall into the cryptocurrency craze, and even fewer people with experience can assist others in trading them. That’s why the below-listed information will list some of the errors that everyone new to bitcoin trading should avoid — mistakes that are common and easy enough for even novice traders to make.

1) Applying too Many Layers of Trading Tools

There might be a better option if you’re currently investing in other cryptocurrencies without finding a currency that catches your eye for future investing. However, learning to trade with one cryptocurrency or only a handful is an essential first step. In addition, it’s important to understand the security measures a crypto platform takes, like dual-minting (double spending) and secure cold storage of your private keys.

Suppose you wind up investing a lot into any single cryptocurrency. In that case, you’re going to find out that some individuals have been trying to corner the market on that particular coin, meaning it’s not nearly as liquid as other currencies. And this will significantly make investing in them difficult or impossible at some point down the road if trades are being cut off throughout the day.

2) Believing in Rumors When Trading Altcoins

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not like the stock market. Many big names in the stock market have proven themselves to be highly reliable throughout the years, and for instance, Microsoft or Coca-Cola’s stocks can be relied upon to rise as time goes on. However, cryptocurrencies are not like this at all. They’ve only been around for a brief period from a technological standpoint. They’re prone to pump-and-dump schemes that might benefit someone with insider knowledge of how they operate but will hurt everyone else.

3) Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies on Multiple Exchanges

Investing is essential, so you’re not spreading your investments across too many exchanges. Of course, there are more than a dozen different exchanges available, but the problem is that if you’ve got so many altcoins in an account at one exchange, it can create problems when trying to withdraw them all. For example, if “a coin” is trading on Binance and Coinbase is also supporting it, only one of these exchanges will allow you to withdraw all of your funds from that coin, and you’ll often find yourself having difficulties doing just that.

4) No Technical Knowledge of the Cryptocurrency You’re Investing In

It’s essential to have a grasp on the technology behind cryptocurrencies, so you’re able to keep up with future developments. For instance, if you’re going to invest in altcoins and bitcoin at the same time, you must understand the different codes of each coin and where people can improve them in the future since they’ll both run on different technology compared to one another. You can invest money into cryptocurrencies in many ways, but beginners often make this tricky. It is why it’s essential to follow a 10-step plan that leads you into the world of bitcoin trading.

5) Send Cryptocurrencies to a Wallet You Did Not Create Yourself:

The most common mistake of new bitcoin traders is doing something as silly as sending their bitcoins to an address they did not create themselves. As a trader, it is recommended that you start with a small number of bitcoins and then learn the ropes yourself. It is even more critical that you should keep your bitcoins in an address that you created yourself and that only you know about the private keys.

Bitcoin is a complex network, and every coin is different in how it’s supposed to be programmed. If you’re investing in an altcoin, read the whitepaper and look at what altcoin developers have said about that coin. There are hundreds of coins out there, and they are all unique. Even Bitcoin can do things that no other coins can do right now.


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