April 3 2024

5 Rock Bands You Should Watch Perform Live At Least Once


Most musicians say, “There is no retirement in this business; you sing until you can.” 

However, many of them stop making tours after they make a lot of money, stop working on new studio albums, and release only compilation albums from their best work from the past. 

But not rock ‘n’ roll bands!

Rock musicians give their heart and soul to stages all over the globe, entertaining millions of people until their last breath. Of course, there are always exceptions, and some retire, but most stay in the game for life.

That’s what makes rock bands unique, and if you want to witness greatness, it’s best to visit ticket sites and buy concert tickets for these bands immediately.

Before you do so, let’s see which rock bands are worth seeing live as soon as possible.

The Rolling Stones

Arguably the most legendary rock band of all time, the Rolling Stones are one of the few bands to celebrate an incredible 60-year-long music career.

Unfortunately, drummer Charlie Watts passed away last year, which was a hard hit for the fans of this band all over the world. Watts was together with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger since 1963, and Ronnie Wood became part of their adventurous rock ‘n’ roll journey in 1975. The Stones began to rock stages in 1962, and these four musicians toured together around the world for over 45 years.

However, they are still here since Steve Jordan replaced Charlie, and they gave Watts a proper rock ‘n’ roll farewell with their latest tour. There aren’t many 70+-year-old rockers who still play with the same passion and enthusiasm as before, making this band even more unique.

Some of the most famous Rolling Stones tracks include Sympathy for the Devil, Satisfaction, Angie, and many more. From fast track to ballads and from rhythm and blues to rock and rock, they have it all.

Guns N’ Roses

Looking for the best place to buy last-minute concert tickets is an excellent idea regarding Guns N’ Roses since tickets for their shows sell out in a matter of seconds. 

We all know that Guns had disagreements in the past and went their separate ways for a long time, but that’s not important anymore since, from 2016, they are back together. Unfortunately, not all of them since Izzy Stradlin isn’t part of the reunion, nor are many other band members from the past. Still, the essential thing is that Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan are rocking stages together again.

Active since 1985, Guns N Roses is one of the greatest rock bands of all time and highly famous in almost any country you can imagine. Their live performances today are even better since there are no more incidents on stage, and everyone gets along great – knock on wood.

Some of the best Guns N’ Roses songs include Sweet Child O’ Mine, Paradise City, November Rain, Welcome to the Jungle, etc.


Actually a metal band, but Metallica is still part of the same rock world as all other legendary rock or metal bands. 

One can describe this metal band as legendary with only one word – Antarctica. 


Because Metallica is the only band that has had a live show in Antarctica, making them also the first band that has had a concert on all seven continents. 

They are still touring all over the globe and entertaining rock and metal fans continuously. Metallica may not release studio albums every two years, but that’s precisely why all their albums are excellent. They began their career in 1981, celebrating their 40th band anniversary last year.

Visiting good websites to buy concert tickets is a must for Metallica since it’s almost impossible to find tickets if you don’t purchase them the minute they are announced.

Some of their best and most famous songs include Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, The Memory Remains, and countless others.

Alice in Chains

This grunge band who rose to popularity in the ’90s has every right to be on this and every other list as one of the most legendary rock bands ever. 

Unfortunately, there are two primary sad things regarding Alice in Chains – the deaths of Mike Starr and Layne Staley. Mike Inez took the bass in 1993 to replace Starr, but after the death of Layne in 2002, the band wasn’t active until 2005, when they decided to continue their rock journey by hiring William DuVall as the new singer.

DuVall had huge shoes to fill since Layne Staley’s live performances were more than outstanding, and he is still remembered as one of the greatest rock vocalists ever. Today’s line-up also includes original members Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney; luckily for you, they still perform worldwide.

Some of the best Alice in Chains tracks include Would, Them Bones, Man in the Box, Love Hate Love, Check My Brain, etc.

Pearl Jam

Yet another band from the Grunge movement, Pearl Jam, has been active since 1990, which means they have been playing around the world for almost 33 years.

A fun fact about this band is that four of the original members, Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, and Mike McCready, have been together since the beginning, which is often unusual for bands of any genre, especially rock. Their drummer is Matt Cameron, who became a Pearl Jam member in 1998, which shows that this band had changed only drummers before Cameron became the backbone of their music. 

Pearl Jam mixes various rock genres in its songs, such as alternative rock, hard rock, blues rock, and everything in between. They also have a session and touring members who are active for their live shows, such as Boom Gaspar on keyboards, among others.

Some legendary Pearl Jam songs include Alive, Even Flow, Porch, Corduroy, Better Man, and many more.

We have come to a conclusion, and the time has come to buy tickets for these five legendary rock bands if you want to witness greatness. Going to at least one of these bands’ live shows is enough, but if you have the chance, it would be excellent to watch them all perform.

So, text your best friends immediately and start purchasing tickets to make some of your life’s best rock ‘n’ roll memories!


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