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6 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Casinos

Gambling in the modern world is not complicated thanks to technological innovations – you do not need to live in casino hotspots to play poker or wager on any of the table games. Various online betting companies now offer every game available at physical casinos. You only need a phone and mobile internet connection to get started.

Many people are familiar with the history of gambling. How it started in Greek, was banned in Rome, and revived in Athens. Of course, with many years in between. Gambling houses are entertainment platforms for players to unwind after a long and stressful day. Online casinos also heighten that entertainment with their ease of access.

If you are curious about the right games to play or how to go about playing them to win big, you should follow professionals in the industry. Our author, Jettie Oosterveen, is one of the best choices you could follow. He is an expert in the gaming industry, and his tips and strategies can help you become a successful punter.

Interesting Facts about Casinos You Should Know

Besides providing enthralling and entertaining varieties of games, casinos are known for other things. These are some of the interesting facts about gambling at gaming houses that you should know:

1. Their Bonuses are Not a Big Deal

Many gamblers have played right into casino houses’ tricks and marketing stunts with their bonus offers. Players make deposits due to the enticing offers, and they pay the houses back in folds. This does not mean that bonuses are not bad. It gives players the necessary push to wager on their favorite games.

This is how gambling bonuses work. For example, if you register at online casinos with $100, you are awarded a sign-up bonus of 100% on your first deposit, which means you have $200 in your account. However, you might only cash that money out when you wager your initial deposit 25 times.

With some slot machines, you cannot even cash out your bonus. If you lose games with high house edges, the casino gets its money back in folds. This shows that the house does not lose money from giving out bonuses since they get it back from you.

2. They Offer Lots More than Gambling

Many online punters may not be familiar with this, but the gaming houses offer other side attractions besides gambling. Another interesting fact about casinos is that you can walk into them to watch shows, watch or play games, and eat free food. They also offer a range of popular shows, including concerts, music shows, and even magician featured exhibitions.

Gamblers can take advantage of these events to relax after playing games all night. They also offer relaxation areas like spas, swimming pools, a buffet, and golf. If you like a bit of mani-pedi during your visit to the casino, you can make the most of your time with these perks.

3. Poker Rooms are Not Monitored

If you have visited a gambling house in the past, you probably know that one of the beliefs is that the house is watching you. Players are always led to believe that guards and CCTVs monitor their moves. While this is true, it is not always the case. Through close monitoring, houses are able to keep gamblers in check and keep an eye on cheats.

However, they do not monitor the poker room closely. This is because poker is a game of humans, and since gamblers compete against themselves, they do not necessarily need strict monitoring. houses believe that if a player cheats, the opponents will call him out. They all have something to lose anyways.

4. Card Dealers Can Steal Your Chips

While this rarely happens because it is a crime in all casinos, it does happen. Dealers can pocket your chip in the middle of a game. Houses have implemented all measures to eradicate this act.

One of the measures taken is the ‘Hand Clearing” that dealers engage in. If you are a regular at the poker table, you might have seen the dealer’s ritual of clapping their hands. They also turn their palms in and out to show the camera they have not taken any chips. Dealers that are caught stealing chips are immediately arrested. In all casinos, pocketing chips is a crime worthy of arrest.

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1. Card Counting is Actually Legal

Many people believe counting cards is illegal. However, it is a legitimate strategy of blackjack. Card counting is when punters try to beat the house edge by keeping tabs on the dealt cards to know which ones are left.

Gamblers believe it is an opportunity to have an advantage against the house, which is why casinos frown on it. This act is only illegal if players use external devices or employ other people to monitor the cards. It is legal if a player can count the cards independently and without any external device.

2. The Largest Casino is Not in Las Vegas

When people think about casinos, Las Vegas is what comes to mind. You would think that with the obscene amount of gaming houses in the city, it would host the biggest one in the world.

However, Sin City does not accommodate the largest casino in the world. That honor goes to Winstar World Casino & Resorts. It is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma.


Casinos are bundles of unpredictability. There are so many myths and interesting facts about them that you’d never heard about. For example, some people believe that gaming houses pump oxygen into the betting floor to keep players alert. This is not true, as too much oxygen causes toxicity, leading to death.

Whatever you might have heard of them, the truth remains that they are a great place to be if you want to be entertained or relax. They are also a great destination to visit if you want to make some money – but remember you might lose some money in the process too. Nothing is ever certain with gaming houses.


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