September 18 2023

A Complete Journey from investing in bitcoin to trading


For some traders, the bitcoin’s price downturn is a significant opportunity to make some quick bucks. To make the best utilization of artificial intelligence and trading strategies for bitcoin trading Trade with Bitcoin Profit. For others, the upside potential of Bitcoin’s ever-increasing market cap keeps them going. With prices fluctuating daily, knowing when and how to enter or exit your trade is essential.

The below-listed information breaks down everything you need to know about trading Bitcoin and the benefits of doing so, and how to hold bitcoin for a more extended period patiently: whether it be for short-term profit or long-term investment purposes

Positive prospects of bitcoin trading

1. The profit potential:

The profit

potential is one of the most significant drivers behind every trader gaining his first bitcoin, and it is always a good idea to know how much you can potentially earn with each trade. For a beginner, there are many ways to calculate your potential gain: you can use a charting service such as to get a good idea of how each trade has performed in the past and use it to determine your profit margin.

Understanding that this is not the most accurate way to predict your potential gain or loss is essential. It would help if you stayed up-to-date with real-time market information to make big money trading bitcoin.

Using charts from the past will only get you so far, as the market changes dynamically with every trade and changes in demand. It is why professional traders often have several trading strategies for different situations, which enable them to maximize their profits at all times.

Other variables such as market liquidity and volatility also affect the profit potential. As seen with the recent spike in Bitcoin’s price, less than 25% of the trading volume is generated using real USD (or fiat). Many of these are what we call “Foggy” orders, which are orders that can be filled at any price regardless of their current price.

Using a large amount of “Foggy” orders can drastically affect the price of Bitcoin and make the price move unexpectedly. The profit potential is also affected by laws and regulations; for example, China’s cryptocurrency ban led to a market crash. Undeniably, every mainstream cryptocurrency recovered from the crash and subsequent announcements of a few celebrities that they would stick with bitcoin no matter what.

2. Bitcoin trading helps you learn cognitive skills:

Trading can be challenging, especially if you are starting. Because of the market’s high volatility, it is impossible to enter a trade without knowing where the price will go. For a better bitcoin trading venture, you need to have some cognitive skills like critical thinking, patience, risk tolerance, presence of mind, concentration, avoiding mistakes, and many more. Unfortunately, most novice traders are not equipped with these cognitive skills and develop them as they trade bitcoin continuously.

3. Bitcoin trading can teach you how to save money:

Since the price of bitcoin fluctuates heavily each day, it is essential to have a general idea of how much you will be able to make from each trade. Using a bitcoin trading strategy, you can calculate your potential gain or loss for every trade using different methods and formulas. For example, you can use daily average price, market capitalization, volume, or a combination of them for your calculations.

Eventually, you will become the best trader if you have enough determination and patience. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced trader or someone who has just started trading bitcoin; there are videos and blogs on the market that discuss the learning process for all traders so it might be helpful for you too.

How to invest in bitcoin?

Learn how to read charts: Chart reading is an essential skill if you want to invest in anything worth trading nowadays. Figuring out how to read a chart might sound intimidating initially, but it’s not that hard. It would help if you memorized a few things. For example, buy when the candle is green and sell (or short) when the candle is red.

These are some basic rules you should follow on top of the lessons you learn from any introductory trading course or book if you’re looking to become a more advanced trader; experts suggest learning candlestick charts (i.e., those little Japanese candles) and their meanings. They provide more profound insight into market movements than simple line charts can provide.

After learning to read this aggressive market, you can visit a cryptocurrency exchange, perform the KYC and connect a payment method to purchase your first bitcoin.


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