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A Luxury Guide: 3 Perks of Owning A Bvlgari Watch


We must admit that one of our dreams is to walk into a luxury brand outlet and buy a piece. Owning a luxury item is something we can flaunt and show the fruit of our labor and proper financial management. These are worth buying, especially when looking for a good investment and things to pass on to your loved ones. A watch is one of the top investments nowadays, it is why many watch and fashion luxury brands are making their signature pieces for their market to adore and buy.

One of the most prestigious luxury brands known worldwide is Bvlgari. This fashion brand focuses on producing the finest, most elegant, and most durable jewelry, fragrances, and watches. So if you love a lot of shimmer and sparkle, Bvlgari can cater to your luxury needs. Even their watches like the Bvlgari Serpenti watch, diamond-encrusted rings, and perfumes will impress you.

You Get to Own Something from a Reputable Luxury Brand

It is without a doubt that Bvlgari is one of the most loved luxury brands worldwide. Its international reputation brought this brand to different fashion events and runway shows. This brand also made campaigns allowing models to shine and inspire others with their style.

It started in 1884 when the Voulgaris, a silversmith family from Greece, decided to establish their fashion empire and focus on fine jewelry. Their innovation and creativity in using gemstones and quality materials made them grow relevant to this day.

Over the years, the Italian label became a competitor in the jewelry and watch industry. So owning a piece from Bvlgari means that you are part of a growing market. Everyone who sees you wearing their pieces will surely be stunned and would want to be your friend.

Strut in Style

Most of us desire to wear the most beautiful dresses, jewelry, and watches during formal events and grand balls. And if you are deciding what to wear on a big occasion, you might want to check out the Bvlgari watches. Having a timepiece from this brand will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Each timepiece always shines bright, thanks to its high-end diamonds and gemstones. Their durability and high-quality materials are essential parts. When you do poses that show your wrist to the camera, you and your Bvlgari watch will catch everyone’s attention. It will make you feel like a celebrity.

Own a Uniquely Designed Watch

Bvlgari has been around for centuries alongside other prestigious luxury watch brands. So the competition gets tough, especially in today’s fashion industry. Fortunately, Bvlgari has its take on designing elegant and timeless pieces. They make efforts in every jewelry and watch they release for the worldwide market to see and purchase.

Their wedding and engagement rings have quality diamonds to capture the essence of love and a new milestone. Each of their bags is eye-catching and can make other watches buy one. Not to mention that their watches have out-of-the-box designs, especially its Serpenti collection.

Get to Know Bvlgari’s Serpenti Watch Collection

The famous designs that any luxury brand has are animal prints. It is a familiar pattern for leopard, tiger, and snake prints sewn into bags and shoes. And the Italian brand is creative to add a snake-inspired watch collection that is unique from the other luxury brands’ watches.

Their goal for the Serpenti collection is to combine Swiss style and Italian creativity. Because that is what people want to see and purchase to match their other expensive clothes and pieces. The Serpenti collection is a well-known and reputable collection filled with pieces that add an extra flair to the wrist. It caters to all the women who stand beautifully and independently in their ways. This collection has added angst to it thanks to the snake theme.

Some Notable Watches From the Bvlgari Serpenti Collection

Seduttori Quartz Diamond Bezel Ladies Watch

If you are looking for a watch to match your silver, glittery dress, the Seduttori watch is the perfect one for you. Its overall silver color and gold accents make it elegant and sophisticated. Its teardrop-shaped dial gives it a unique vibe rather than the ordinary round dial. It is finished with stainless steel, snakeskin-like strap.

Remember its model code 103143, so you will not have a hard time looking for it in physical stores. It has a water resistance of 30m and a two to three-year warranty, so you can have them fixed in no time.

Spiga Ladies Watch

Black is an elegant color that fits the serpent theme perfectly and Bvlgari executed that well. If you are looking for a watch to match that black night party outfit, then go for the Serpenti Spiga Quartz Black Lacquered Dial Ladies Watch. This watch is purely black with rose-gold accents, perfect for strong and beautiful women.

It clasps vines around the wrist which makes it an extraordinary watch strap. It has roman numeral number indexes, a time reserve of 30 m, and a Bvlgari Caliber B033, so you do not have to worry about durability and elegance.

Quartz Violet Dial Diamond Bezel Ladies Watch

Violet is another feminine color alongside pink, so it is nice for the Italian brand to have this shade in the Serpenti collection. The watch is made of stainless steel pink gold with touches of silver for the perfect color contrast. Its watch dial is a dark violet with rose gold watch hands to execute another color palette. The alternating silver and rose gold on the strap brings out the snake inspiration on the watch.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Surely, you are now motivated to invest in Bvlgari timepieces, especially from the Serpenti collection. We must admit that this brand did an outstanding job in building its worldwide household name. All the more reasons to support and buy from the brand. So invest in your first Bvlgari watch today by visiting TheWatchCompany.com. You can never go wrong with Bvlgari.


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