April 19

Advantages of Mobile Learning

Learning Management System (also called LMS) got introduced into the corporate sector to streamline the training management process. With the help of this tool, training goals were achieved. In today’s world more and more people are becoming mobile-savvy and want to get informed on the go, hence, mobile learning is getting common.

With the help of Mobile Learning, the students and learners can get help in the easiest way possible. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has become an essential part of students and the workforce. Schools and colleges have encouraged students to use mobile and laptops to take online classes and use them for getting educated. The companies are also training their workforce online.

Since, mobile training has become an imperative part of everyone’s lives, choosing the best LMS App has also become vital.

I have jotted down a couple of advantages of Mobile Learning:

1) Employees can learn on the go

Mobile allows employees to learn on the go and help them manage their learning schedules. Everyone is attached to their smartphones, and the companies can take advantage of this and deliver training to the employee on the device they already have. Pairing the comprehensive training with mobile has allowed teams to access training from anywhere.

2) Stay Connected and Updated at all times

Learners and instructors can stay connected through the in-built messaging app. Trainers can inform the team about the course deadlines and keep them on track. LMS tools stores training content on the cloud, which means it can update anytime and the employees always have the updated training content about the tools and software. Employers no longer have to worry about updating or training everyone.

3) Cost-effective and time-Saving

Mobile learning is efficient both in time and money. The companies can ask the employees to complete their training from anywhere they want and at a time that suits them the best. The employees won’t have to get into a room for the training and interrupt their work and productivity.

4) Friendly Interface with Quick Navigation

Mobile Learning applications are created keeping in mind the screen size of mobiles and readability factor. Learners can resume courses on mobile which they started on a desktop. LMS apps are responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes. They are created in a simple format so that the employees can navigate through the pages.

5) Most Knowledge Retention

Once the employees are trained, they are supposed to remember what they have learned and apply the same to their respective jobs. If you are clicking through your training to get over with it, you are not learning and hence you will forget whatever you have gone through. Once the training becomes Mobile, the learners become habitual of the same as they can check the Mobile app as and when they wish. The employers can send push notifications to the employees and remind them to run through the module. This in turn will help them keep more information. Employee engagement increased and training was made interesting by the use of relevant multimedia elements like audio and video files along with images.

LMS that offers both desktop and mobile versions is a must-have in today’s time. You even have an option to opt for free LMS and decide whether mobile learning is beneficial for you or not. With Mobile learning, one can have time-efficient training with reduced cost and increased productivity and engagement.


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