February 8

All The Latest Drama Happening In CS: GO


We love the CS: GO competitive scene and epic clutches. But whenever it comes to drama, everyone gets excited. We will discuss here all the latest drama happening in the competitive world of CS: GO.

Smooya Banned From Pro League

The administration of the FACEIT Pro League by CS: GO suspended the former BIG sniper, Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield, from participating. Rumors about the suspension were published by Jarek DeKay Lewis and later confirmed by Butterfield himself.

According to Butterfield, he was removed for speaking out against Ismail Ali “refrezh”, an OpTic Gaming player. smooya had previously accused Ali of deliberately feeding, and also wished the Dane to kill himself because of a bad game. Later smooya apologized for what was said.

Credits: ESL

A source of Lewis’ supplied a screenshot with the statement of Milos Mikey Nedelkovic, the FPL leader. He claimed that after recent events, and many clips from Twitch confirming the illicit behavior of smooya, they banned the Briton from further participating in the competition.

Nedelkovich mentioned that smooya didn’t deny the guilty charges, so the ban on participation in the FPL will only be temporary; the administration has chosen to give smooya time to think about his behavior. It has not been specified at this time how long he will be suspended.

FACEIT Pro League is a closed ladder for professional players on the FACEIT platform. It can be reached through divisions of lower rank or by invitation. Each month, representatives compete for the $20,000 prize pool.

Mousesports Operation Clean-Up

Mousesports has announced the departure of players Martin “STYKO” and Chris “chrisJ” from their active roster, in addition to parting ways with their coach Sergey “lmbt” from the team’s organization’s active lineup. These changes seem to be the consequence of being unable to qualify for the IEM Katowice, where they were eliminated in the group stage of the European Minor.

Mousesports CS: GO
Credits: Mousesports

These announcements will lead to mousesports needing to rebuild their team based on their remaining three players: Miikka “suNny”, Robin “ropz”, and Tomas “oskar”. This trio was at the head of the team in numerous successes last year.

It’s not the first time that we’ve seen “STYKO” leave the active roster. He was previously separated from the team and replaced by Janusz “Snax” in June of last year. Four months later, the Czech player was again part of the starting lineup.

Chris leaves mousesports after six years

Undoubtedly, the decline of “chrisJ” is the most shocking news for the team because he has been part of mousesports since 2013. We could only see him in trouble in 2017 when he was relieved to the bench at the “NiKo” stand, an incident that lasted just over two weeks because the Bosnian player was transferred to FaZe. The German organization has announced that it is looking to make a change in the role of coach. They have placed “lmbt” in an inactive role after two and a half years leading the team.

ChrisJ in Latest Drama in CS: GO
Credits: ESL

In the last 24 hours, mousesports has confirmed the signing of David “frozen” Chernyavsky.

The 16-year-old frozen began his career in 2015. In January 2019, Chernyavsky joined the European mix with Mikail Maikelele and Bill NoChance. The team did not succeed in the qualifiers of the IEM Sydney 2019.


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