August 14

Apple and Google remove Fortnite from their app stores, and Epic declares war


Early today, Apple has kicked off the Fortnite game from their App store, and Developer Epic Games have filed a lawsuit against the Apple app store to defy their monopoly. Even not this dispute between the Apple and Epic game spreading all the tautness for the games, now Google has also kicked off Fortnite from its android play store. What just happened?

Something about the past is required to understand what is happening here. Generally, every app store of Google or Apple charges a 30% cut on online payments made via approved apps by the app store. And earlier today, Epic games secretly put an update for both the android and iphone versions of the Fortnite game that allows the gamers to pay directly to the epic games for in-app purchase at a discounted price. In August 2018, Epic games commenced its store, which charges a smaller cut, 12%, and provides Fortnite (a very different game from others of the same category) for android phones from its official website to avoid the Google play store. But after eighteen months, epic games put back the Fortnite in the google play store.

Apple and Google remove Fortnite from their app stores

As soon as the Epic games added a separate in-app payment method, the Apple app store refuses to allow the cloud gaming apps like xCloud and Stadia in the app store. Apple justified by saying the epic games have enabled a feature in its app that was not approved and reviewed by the Apple. Epic has violated the guideline related to in-app payments of the app store.

These guidelines are applied to every developer, who sells online goods and services, however epic games agreed to all of these guidelines and terms. It is a fact that the business interests of the epic game has changed and lead them to consider a new set of special arrangement. Apple also added that they would reinstate the Fortnite, only if they reached a mutual agreement with Epic.

Epic Games is ready for its battle royale with Google and Apple

In return, getting a ban from the app store epic game responded with a lawsuit and the 1984 Fortnite parody. This response will undoubtedly have effects on Google too. Although it is worth considering that for a long time, Apple is subject to antitrust allegations, like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google tried to launch their gaming-centric app on Apple app store and get rejected every time.

Thus, proving Apple treats gaming apps with different rules, whereas it shows more leniency to the apps, including interactive content other than gaming apps. Moreover, the epic lawsuit will also include both Facebook and xcloud gaming. However, later in the day, this leads to different consequences as google also banned the Fortnite from its play store considering the same reason as the Apple.

One small win for Android users

Although, Android gamers can still download the Fortnite game from the epic games official website and play it. The epic game is trying to defy the monopoly of the Apple through uploading Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite video in a couple of hours with an own message and hashtag of #freeFortnite after Apple Arcade officially ban Fortnite from the Apple app store. Besides, imploring gamers to join the fight against Apple to stop 2020 from becoming 1984.

What kind of effect will this have on the users? You cannot download Fortnite from the Apple app store, and if you did, then you are soon going to be unlucky as soon as the Apple store has its update for iOS. Moreover, epic games can no longer provide updates for the apps in the iphone as iOS does not allow any trusted third party to install any app in the iphone. Nobody knows how Apple sets up its barrier, and how is Apple going to play its next move? Stay tuned for the updates.


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