May 23 2023

Cannagaming: Why Gamers are Embracing Cannabis


There are those who use it to relax, to escape from boredom, and those who won a gaming match thanks to cannabis. The pain-relieving efficacy of marijuana in many areas is now recognized and its intake is approved by doctors for therapeutic purposes. The general ability of cannabis to improve our physical and mental performance is another beneficial property. This is of particular interest to the world of e-sport where, where many gamers have now shown great effects of cannabis consumption. Given the fact that there are so many positive effects of cannabis on gamers, there is a new trend among them called “cannagaming”. It means using cannabis while playing a video game (professionally or for fun). This is most often done by using a vaporizer, as it’s considered a convenient and effective way to use cannabis while gaming. Whether you’re looking for a cannabis vaporizer for sale or you’re already an experienced user, vaporizing cannabis is a great way to enjoy its benefits while gaming without having to smoke it. And that’s exactly what we’re going to take a closer look at in this article – the benefits of using cannabis while gaming.

1. Higher Focus & Concentration

Studies have shown that cannabis intake improves gaming performance by “increasing focus and concentration. This is not a surprise, since marijuana is generally known to have good effects on cognition and memory. Many gamers say that cannabis is the only thing that helps them focus on gaming.

Additionally, CBD has been linked to mental processes including memory and learning.

How does it function?

Cannabidiol, according to experts, enhances focus, memory, and propensity for learning. CBD has been related to the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is involved in a number of brain processes.

Dopamine regulates learning, memory, focus, and mental acuity.

2. Improves Results and Performance

The correct dosages of CBD help improve results and overall performance.

Numerous studies have shown that individuals with higher amounts of brain dopamine have better mental skills.

The CBD strain of cannabis has calming and relaxing properties that are very beneficial to people.

As a result, those who play video games and struggle with focus and anxiety can benefit from using it.

They will improve their neural capabilities and alleviate their mental health issues with this method.

In various investigations, it has been proven that gamers who have used cannabis for a few days have improved their attention deficit and concentration problems. With this, they have been able to face and solve gaming challenges with a better predisposition.

3. Relieves Performance Anxiety

Given that Google searches for the terms CBD and anxiety have surged in 2020, it is reasonable and vital to discuss the beneficial association between cannabidiol and performance anxiety.

The rising manufacturing of CBD-infused oils, bath soaps, and calming roll-ons is not a coincidence.

Particularly when used with CBD oils, CBD can have advantageous benefits, enhancing mood and reducing performance anxiety.

It is recommended, for those who suffer from performance anxiety when they have to play a game, to take a dose of CBD oil one hour before exposing themselves to said situation.

Start with the minimum dose, one drop, and work your way up until you find a dose that works for you. It is not necessary to take the same dose every time, as some people may find it counterproductive to take CBD in the morning. Thus, you can limit yourself to a minimum dose in the morning and increase it throughout the day.

4. Helps With Brain Capacity

Cannabis usage can have a significant impact on decision-making and motor coordination, which can make gaming more fun and exciting. According to recent research, cannabis can restore cognitive performance in gamers.

It is also known that numerous varieties of cannabis have a proven anti-inflammatory effect, so its components can generate an effect similar to that of endorphins and increase our pain resistance. This would make it take longer easier for gamers to last longer during a difficult game.

5. Relieves Sore Muscules

Many gamers claim that CBD can help people who require immediate relief from their muscle and joint pain because it enhances blood circulation and reduces stress.

It can be applied to the back, neck, shoulders, and arms, which are typically burdened by strenuous daily activity.

It can be used before or after playing video games.

CBD topical products’ anti-inflammatory effects aid in calming and relaxing the muscles.

The majority of them are completely natural products with a very nice herbal scent that is free of parabens, preservatives, and synthetic perfumes.

They are quick to absorb and quite simple to apply.

CBD creams and lotions are appropriate for massages when there is muscle soreness because they do not leave residues on the skin or clothing.


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