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Comparing Personal Loan Rates


You don’t simply take whatever is available at the time. Although a personal loan is one of the uncomplicated recourse for addressing financial problems, it should not be taken lightly.

Let us go over some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a personal loan, as well as how to compare personal loan rates and offers from various lenders. Whether it’s your first time taking out a personal loan or not, knowing how to compare loans from different lenders is critical to ensuring you get the right loan product.

Type of Loan

Naturally, the best personal loan for your needs will be heavily influenced by your current financial situation. You might also be interested in a loan that provides you with more immediate access to funds. You could go with an online loan if you are in a hurry to obtain funds.

To learn how to compare loan offers, you must first understand the type of loan that is best for you. There are two kinds of personal loans. You are not required to provide a guarantee or collateral for an unsecured personal loan, but since the lender is taking more risk, you have to pay higher interest rates and fees. Secured personal loans require borrowers to provide collateral. If you fail to repay your loan in accordance with the terms of the agreement, the lender reserves the right to seize your collateral. Secured loans have lower interest rates and fees than unsecured loans.

Interest Rate

One of the things you should consider is the interest rate which could be either fixed or adjustable. A fixed-rate loan charges a set of interest rates that do not change for the whole duration of the loan. This gives the borrower the chance to estimate the total cost of the amount borrowed until it matures. 

Adjustable-rate loans, also known as variable-rate or float-rate loans, have interest rates that fluctuate throughout the loan term. There are some instances where the interest may be lower at the start of the loan and then increases due to changes in market conditions. Because the interest rates on adjustable-rate personal loans can be unpredictable, they are unpopular with most borrowers.

Sean Martin D. Plantado, head of the customer service for, in its research, indicates that the interest rate is important to 50% of Filipino borrowers. 

Loan Tenure

Your loan tenure, or the time period over which you will make monthly payments, is an important part of that contract. Early loan payment saves you from making long payments. If you have enough money, you can settle everything sooner rather than paying it off in several monthly installments. Try to have a loan term that suits your financial situation, as there are some lenders, especially banking institutions, that penalize you for late payments as well as for paying your loans quickly.

Monthly Flat Rate and APR

The money borrowed is equal to the principal amount. Your regular monthly payments include the principal and interest in exchange for their services. As much as possible, choose a lender with a low monthly rate. If you understand how the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) works, comparing personal loan rates should be simple. The calculation takes into account the loan’s monthly flat rate but also other factors like loan tenure and cash rebates. When comparing banks and lenders, always look for the lowest APR.

Monthly Repayment Amount

Another way to compare loans is to study the monthly repayment amount. Don’t be tempted to go with the shorter, much cheaper option. You might not be able to afford it. If you do, you may be forced to take out payday loans which will send you incurring debt to pay off another debt for a long time.

Total Repayment Amount

Consider the total repayment amount when determining how to compare loans from different lenders. These include your principal, total interest, and total handling fees. Use this figure to calculate the total cost of your loan. A lender who is unable to provide you with this amount right away should be avoided.

You will be able to determine if a loan is more expensive and why by looking at the total repayment amount that can give you an idea of the total cost of the loan. While the loan details of different lenders may differ, the items listed above are some of the most general terms to be aware of when comparing personal loans.


Obtaining a personal loan requires patience and diligence. Understanding how to compare personal loan rates and other loan features is the first step. You should also think about your current financial situation, as well as your financial situation over the course of the loan.


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