April 2 2019

Drake & Dominos Moves Into Esports


Drake is known for his talent in the music world, though he is also gifted with business acumen. In 2015, he signed an exclusive contract with Apple Music, when the platform had just started its journey.

This agreement was a resounding success. The rapper won $ 19 million, and Apple’s platform became a success, getting ten million subscribers in six months. This caused other artists to sign contracts with other technological giants.

Drake sets his sights on eSports

We already know very well the love of Drake at Fortnite. What we did not have so clear is that video games were going to go from being entertainment to being a business. His vision has led him to focus now on eSports. He has joined other personalities such as Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant, who have already invested in the sector.

The reason we believe that Drake betting on eSports is because of the spectacular growth of the industry. Each time more events are organized, which are followed by more and more people. According to Newzoo, this sector will generate in 2020 almost two and a half billion Euros.

100 Thieves & Player’s Lounge

The singer has teamed up with the big shot of Hollywood Scooter Braun to invest in the company 100 Thieves. This company is a brand of “lifestyle, clothing, and eSports”. In addition, the rapper has also put money to promote a startup called Player’s Lounge. This company is one of the most important betting houses in terms of eSports.

It is clear that the eSports is on the rise. Soon it will be one of the main business routes in the world. They will be comparable in income to traditional sports. At the end, who knows if someday eSports will overcome traditional sports.

In March 2018, Tyler Blevins and Drake completely took the social media by storm in a Fortnite game. The duo has managed to surpass the historical record in Twitch with more than 600,000 viewers.

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Dominos Sponsor’s eSports University

In its last phase of 2018-2019, University Esports Challenge will have a new sponsor. Domino’s Pizza joins the group of companies that show their support for the competition. Currently, Barcelona, Alicante, and Madrid will host the conferences of the fourth season.

The restaurant company, specialized in the preparation of pizzas, has been betting for electronic sports for five years. In fact, it continues to be interested and reinforcing with its presence, as it collaborates with the eSports competitions every now and then. So, thanks to his sponsorship, Dominos officially enters into the world of eSports.

The Goal!

Finally, the restaurant company, with this commitment as a new sponsor shows its interest in supporting young university students in EU. Its objective will be to support and promote the values that are a fundamental part of the competition. The project is aimed to reinforce responsibility, social integrity, companionship, respect, and teamwork.

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