April 23

Fun Ways to Help Your eSports Team Feel More Connected

eSports are a fascinating new industry and have a brilliant way of blending gaming and business in a possible way. So, if you’re looking to engage with esports as a potential way to do business, you are going to want to understand how to make an esports team feel more connected. After all, a team that is more connected with one another is far more likely to succeed in its endeavors.

The Importance of Team Unity

Team Unity is one of the most important elements in any sport, particularly when it comes to eSports which needs such swift reaction times to reach true excellence. By encouraging unity between your team, you can help improve the way your team works together and boost your team’s reactions as a whole.

Boosted Communication. Effective communication is, hands down, one of the biggest benefits of building this kind of team unity. If your team cannot communicate with one another, they will never be able to react quickly enough to enemy team movements. By boosting the quality of communication between your team, you can help to improve their overall performance.

Boosting Team Connections

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can start helping to build these bonds of unity between your teammates and help to boost the connection they feel to one another.

Get Branded “Team” Clothing. Creating branded team clothing for your players can be an excellent way to make them feel connected to one another. Even something so simple as custom hats for every player can be a brilliant way to make them feel like a real, honest-to-goodness team. Plus, if you develop a real team uniform for your players, you can help make them come across as a far more professional eSports team.

Start Training Together Locally. Another great way to help develop and reinforce these connections between your players is to start having them trained together locally. By having players close to each other, you can help to ensure that they are familiar and comfortable with one another and that their relationships can develop naturally.

In fact, you could even take this process further and have all of your players live together in a single house to help further develop the bonds between them.

Going on Team Trips

Finally, one more trick that you might want to engage with to help build up more team unity and communication is to start taking your entire team out on trips together. There is nothing quite like going out and enjoying a holiday as a group to start the bonding process and help to form strong connections between your teammates.

Getting Out and About Together. Every person on the team should have a strong connection with one another, in that they all enjoy the same game. So, the important aspect of these trips is to give your team enough time going out together and about to start building up those bonds of friendship.


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