November 12 2023

How Are Streaming Services Changing How We Watch Live Sports?


The world of streaming has revolutionized how we all view entertainment. In times gone by, we would have been used to fixed programming from our TV sets, from a few channels before the explosion of satellite and cable television. The hyper-development of TV channels meant that there was something out there for everybody, and the market became heavily saturated.

However, even though there may have been unlimited choices of channels, it didn’t mean we had complete control to watch when we wanted. That’s where Netflix came in and kickstarted the streaming extravaganza. There are plenty of other streaming services to rival Netflix now, but what has become more prominent is the rise of streaming sports. How have these services changed how we enjoy live sports?

Competition for Programming

Some sports fans may wonder why their favorite sport isn’t on their television network. These networks bid and pay for the rights to show a sporting event live; it’s how professional sports generate revenue. Those in charge want to maximize as much profit as possible and make a wise investment. Unfortunately, more often than not, that means bidding on the most popular sports out there and showing them on a constant cycle rather than having programming that celebrates the variety of professional sports.

That all changed thanks to the power of streaming live sports. If you are in a country where a sport isn’t as popular as it may be elsewhere, you don’t have to forgo your passion because you can now stream it live to your device. For example, if you live in the US, but you’re a fan of rugby union, you can subscribe to a streaming service that will allow you to watch matches live, even though sports channels wouldn’t show them on regular American programming. Sometimes you may have to use a VPN, but you should still be able to find a service that can cater to your fandom. Digital content software for sports media rights and broadcasters is also changing the game for fans; visit now to see how it works.

Watch Any Sport

Watching sports has transformed over the last number of years. Naturally, there has been paper-to-paper and channel-to-channel coverage of the major sports, with entire sections and stations dedicated to them. However, even with 24/7 sports channels and constant articles, more niche sports weren’t as readily accessible. 

Of course, that may not be the case during the Olympics, but being a fan of something other than a major sport in your own country proved challenging to watch live. If you’re a cricket fan and placed a bet through cricket betting sites like Betway, you probably want to watch that game live to know how it pans out. If today you had bet on England to beat New Zealand in a test match at 13/8, you’d be interested in seeing the game live. Like how technology affects betting, streaming services give you more freedom and are not beholden to television sports programming. There are so many streaming services out there now that there is always one showing every sport imaginable, with some leagues even having their own, like the NBA

Also, being able to watch your favorite team has never been easier. In the past, if the team you support was playing at the same time as a prime match, it usually wouldn’t be shown on live television. However, with the power of streaming, even if games are on simultaneously, you can choose which one you’d like to watch. Some services even may let you view multiple games at once or log into several devices, so you don’t have to miss any action. There are even providers who have an option for a VR experience.

Switching to Streaming

The switch to streaming is becoming more apparent in live sports. Once the last stronghold of network television, it is becoming less relevant. Due to it being a live event and therefore couldn’t be watched at any time, television seemed to have fully kept sports to itself. However, we are seeing major networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and Sky Sports all developing streaming services.

Last year we saw Amazon stream a multitude of Premier League soccer matches which seems like it may become the norm in the future. With more young people not paying for television services and getting their entertainment primarily from streaming instead, we are seeing a shift in how networks will show sports live. 


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