January 13

How Gamers Are Keeping Costs Low in 2022

Gaming in the 21st century can be as cheap or as expensive as people like, with there being no end of free content to delve into, as well as a whole host of expensive hardware and software that many aficionados feel they cannot do without. However, one thing is for certain: whether people are spinning reels at online slots or hitting up the packed gaming lobbies of battle royale games, no one ever wants to get taken for a ride or pay over the odds. With the help of a comparison site that can sift through all the best sign-up deals, bonuses, and small print, online gamers have for a long time known how to keep their unnecessary costs to a minimum and their added value as high as possible. However, as times change, there are now new ways to make even further savings. Here we detail as many of them as possible, so that gamers, whether they are playing casino games or FPS titles, can enjoy what 2022 has in store for as little outlay as possible.

Not everyone can afford to build an all-singing, all-dancing home gaming suite and so sometimes paying a visit to your local Esports arena or center is the way forward

Esports Arenas and Clubs Give Access to Top Notch Hardware

Some popular games making waves online require huge amounts of computing power in order to be played at the highest level possible. Sometimes acquiring all that hardware is impossible for folks who just cannot afford to splash cash on expensive gaming setups.

Thankfully, there are now a whole host of Esports arenas and clubs that are desperate to get back on their feet in 2022 and which, for a monthly membership, allow gamers access to some of the most cutting-edge hardware available anywhere on the planet.

This means that there are no boundaries to a player who has a tight budget being able to face off on an equal footing against a player with an entire Esports pro team infrastructure behind them.

With the new year kicking off, there are bound to be plenty of great sign-up deals available to new members who wish to commit to joining a new Esports arena or an affiliated club.

Cloud and Streaming Platforms Provide Excellent Value

Something that has long been bringing down the cost of online gaming is the rise of cloud gaming and streaming platforms, many of which offer huge libraries of games, all for the cost of a monthly subscription.

Many such platforms will give cut-price deals to new players who commit to contracts, and especially those who choose to pay upfront. Although this means a greater outlay at the beginning of a gamer’s cloud or streaming journey, they save in the long run and get access to more games than they can shake a stick at in the process.

The likes of Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Now all offer incredible value for money, and as the competition heats up to acquire new players, the price of such platforms should either remain steady or even drop.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Games

Many online games and especially mobile games rely on the loyalty of their customers, giving them initial free-to-play access before then hiking the costs up if that player wants to unlock later levels or get their mitts on new avatar skins.

Such player acquisition and retention ploys are only set to increase in number in 2022, and players of all types can benefit from them, but only if they are willing to break with habit and switch from game to game once their allowance of free play is over and done with.

After all, there are so many new games being released each and every single day, it does not make much sense to stick with just one or two games, especially as the cost of playing them rises exponentially.

Alternatively, just paying an initial up-front cost for a mobile game, safe in the knowledge that no further costs will be incurred down the line, allows the gamer in question to budget their gaming bills more efficiently.

Bundle Sites and Apps Work a Treat

Whether a game is worthy of a 5-star review or not is all a matter of individual taste, and so many of the games that get thrown together on Bundle sites and apps like EpicBundle were wrongly once derided as being titles that were only fit for the scrap heap.

Many cult classics now find their way into some remarkably cheap bundles. Quite a number of once forgotten games have been given new leases of life thanks to bundle sites and apps, and more such deals will be up for grabs in 2022 and beyond.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are giving gamers new ways to fund their passion for gaming, and this trend will only grow in 2022 as more games developers look to harness blockchain tech

Gaming for Crypto Rewards is Already a Thing

The idea of gaming for a living has always been something of a pipe dream for most people, but that could all be about to change thanks to game developers offering real crypto assets as rewards for loyalty and player performance. One great example of this that already exists is Coin Hunt World, which allows players to go on the hunt for everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum.

Create Content to Fund Hardware Upgrades

Another way that many avid gamers go about saving money is by turning their gaming sessions into live streaming events. Such streams can then be monetized so that a growing following begins to pay for the gamer’s content. Those funds can then be allocated to upgrading hardware, gaming chairs, or anything else the gamer may want to splash out on.

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube are full of gamers who became successful content creators and then never looked back. Beware, though; it takes serious dedication to reach a level where gaming can become more than just a light-hearted hobby and, like anything in life, hard work is the key to content creation success.


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