May 10

How Have Gambling Apps Transformed since They First Began


Gambling apps are more popular than ever these days, with many people running their entire online gambling efforts from their phones or a tablet. However, as many experienced online gamblers will attest, it wasn’t always that way.

Indeed, it might well be the case that the transformation of apps in general and gambling apps, in particular, has been exponential rather than gradual and that things have come a very long way in a very short amount of time.

The bad old days

Apps are relatively new on the scene, and if you wanted to bet on the move with the first smartphone with web browsers, you had to make do with the desktop site. This was also before the day of mobile-friendly websites so what you got was a screen designed for a 14-inch laptop condensed into the 4-5 inches of your smartphone.

Clearly, this was less than ideal, with the text you could hardly see and endless amounts of scrolling to find what you wanted. Even mobile-friendly websites only lessened the pain slightly as the experience was still suboptimal, and the eventual decision of the bigger names to invest in dedicated gambling apps for their brands finally brought things up to date.

The benefits of gambling apps

Gambling apps are, by definition purpose-built for mobile devices, so this bypasses some of the compatibility issues that you might have had to try to use a desktop product on something not built for the task. However, some of the first apps were little more than a rudimentary version of the desktop experience, but this has changed in recent years due to several factors:


Technology has moved forward and gambling apps have come with it. The capability of the hardware involved and the software that runs on it has increased dramatically and developers are able to offer more features that work faster than before.


As stated right at the start, demand for mobile apps is instrumental in any progression because many younger bettors and players use their mobile devices for just about everything, including online gambling. There are probably even customers of some online casinos that will never have set their eyes on the desktop version of the online gambling brand they use.


It is only recently that some apps have been available on what many users see as ‘legitimate’ sources like the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Before that, they had to be obtained by other means, and directly ‘sideloaded’ which was frowned upon by device manufacturers for security reasons, and meant some players refused to use the app until it was available from the usual outlets.

Live Betting

Another big boost has been given via live betting. Placing a bet on a game in a bar, for instance, was not practical before the advent of apps, and their development has led to placing bets on the move with rapidly updating odds and no lag making the whole experience accessible and easy for almost everybody.


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