May 24 2022

How to Boost your Character Level up to 60 in Classic WoW


Classic World of Warcraft is an amazing and highly captivating combat game. Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the game, is regularly introducing expansion packs. Many players find it difficult to move up to level 60. If you are experiencing this challenge, read on to find out how you can get around it.

Best boosting websites sell strategy and prowess to help players raise their levels. Buying game boosters will cost you a considerable amount of money. But many services, such as the WoW mythic carry, are a team of professional gamers and not bots. The games give you advice about how to raise your level. Many WoW players believe that the best way of moving forward is through PvP. If you choose this route, you must prepare to square it out with fellow human players.


WoW added a new feature called ‘Looking for Group.’ You can use this feature to find and connect with other players to go through the dungeons. Once players have successfully gone through the dungeons, they have massive upgrades to their gears. Therefore, one should ensure they go through the dungeons in the right order to increase their levels in the game. Here is a brief outline of how you should go through the dungeons in WoW Classic.

1. Stratholme

The battles in this destroyed town are special to experienced players. One can improve by going through one of the city’s two sides. The character boost comes as the result of the loot.

2. Scholomance

The scholomance is a very interesting dungeon that you can use to boost your character level. Players can win a great deal of loot and get recipes. Only engineers can get into the dungeons. Other players must have a key to unlock the dungeon.

3. Dire Maul

This is the toughest dungeon among the three. Also, you stand to get great upgrades from this dungeon. Players can easily join The Burning Crusade if they complete this dungeon.

Choosing quest zones

Moving from 58 to 60 can be quite taxing. However, with the right strategy, one can easily boost their character up to 60 minutes. Questing may be a nice strategy to improve your level to 60. But you need to understand how to use this strategy to realize the goal. For example, it is important to remember that quests above level 30 are associated with higher reward points than before. This improvement means that one can successfully rely on questing to boost their character level rapidly.

1. Silithus

This is an excellent zone for improving your level. It has two unique raids that make it a great zone for Horde players. Getting to Silithus is a straightforward process. One must go to the Un’Goro crater and then take the northwest direction.

2. Eastern Plaguelands

One thing that makes Eastern Plaguelands a great zone is the nearby dungeons. You can use the nearby dungeons to boost your character level rapidly. However, the place is always full of activities. So, you may spend a lot of time moving to level 60 while questing in this zone.

3. Winterspring

Winterspring is another great zone for players who love Classic WoW. This zone is prettier than most of the others in the game. It is also calm and relaxed. Nevertheless, you can use it to improve your level.

How to gear up for level 60

Gearing up is necessary for keeping you alive and competitive. If you fail to gear up properly, it may be difficult to rise to 60 and maintain your edge. Here are some things you can do to properly gear up and maintain your competitiveness before improving.

  • Join a very active guild. You can use various methods to find and join one. One of them entails using the guild finder tool. Also, you may accept the random invitations that usually pop up during the game. Alternatively, one can take the cue from the advertisements in trade chat. Doing this will help you learn more details about the game even before reaching level 60.
  • Stock food and drinks. This is a nice strategy that you should employ before boosting your level. Either purchase food and drinks from the vendors or make yours.
  • Get for yourself a first aid kit and effective bandages. It would help if you kept various bandages, including Rhunecloth and Megaweave cloth.
  • Level up your selected professions in the game. Professions in WoW allow players to collect items and use the collections to make gear. Players can either use the gear or trade it with others. Focus on leveling up the professions you would have chosen from the nine primary and three secondary ones.
  • Collaborate with your trainer. Class trainers play critical roles in helping WoW players develop their skills. The trainers have specialized skills and understanding of the game. New and established players need to attend their training sessions to build their skills. Attending classes will equip you with the right skills to improve your character level.
  • Always replace the gear. One can do this by either crafting or looting. On other occasions, players can purchase another gear as a replacement. It is always said that ordinary players should not attempt to craft gear. This is so because the process is complex and time-consuming. Only players in the best percentile may find crafting a new gear a worthwhile endeavor.

Purchase a game boosting service

Game boosting services like WoW Mythic Carry can be useful for leveling up fast. The teams of experts behind the services can help you complete all the dungeons in record time. This can quickly boost your character level up to 60.

Final thoughts

It is possible to get to 60 in WoW. There are many different strategies that you can use to achieve this objective. There is no single approach that works better than others. You may have to combine two or more strategies to reach your objective fast.


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