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How to Check Behavior Score Dota 2?


In Dota 2, there are some different rules and regulations available that a player needs to understand so they can able to follow them. Players can able to know about their abilities and behavior, which they have in the game. It is the best feature of Dota 2, which helps to attract more players to the game. The way in which you have conducted the game, how you have managed all the tasks, how you have handled your hero, etc.

When you prefer to see your scores, then you can able to learn what things you need to change to enhance your ability or skills. It can help you to manage your further tasks well and able to get more benefits in the game. It’s essential for all the players to know about their behavior score in Dota 2 so that they can correct it if it is not good.

Check Behavior Score Dota 2

If you are interested in seeing the quick overview of your performance in the game, you can consider the points below. It will help you to get a chance to learn about various new aspects of the game.

Ways to Check Your Behavior Score

  • Once you reach the client in the game, you have to click on the profile, which is on the top of the left side in the corner. There you will able to see the various options for understanding your score related to your game.
  • It will help you in various ways as it contains all the recent matches that you have played and rest other statistics. Then at the bottom of the screen, you will able to see a smiling face, which will help you to understand your behavior score
  • When you click on the smiley face, then it will help you to bring up all your entire summary of your behavior and tasks. If you do not select to see your score, you will still see it as the game will automatically give you a pop-up. When you click on the requisite amount, then you will able to see your behavior score.
  • The report where you see your score includes a total update of 25 games that will automatically pop up the various results of the various games. It mainly shows the results of those games which you have played from the list.

These are some of how you can able to check your behavior score of Dota 2. You will also be able to see the various numbers of matches that you have played and the number of comments and reports you have in the game.   

Final Verdict

With the help of the above points, you can understand how you can check your behavior score in Dota 2. It can also help you to know about various new aspects that you don’t know before and able to manage all of them. You should maintain a good record if you have a good one so that you won’t move close to the bad one.


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