May 26 2024

How To Create Jabber Account In A Few Steps


Step 1

Visit the Jabber registration page. There are numerous websites where you can sign up for a Jabber account. You can create an account on a few of the websites listed below:

Step 2

Give your username. To input, your username, use the bar next to “Username.” You may use letters or numbers in your username, but no special characters.

  • There is no case difference in usernames.

Step 3

Choose a suffix (if available). Username@domain.extension, such as, is how Jabber addresses are formatted. You can choose the domain name to use as the suffix in your Jabber address on several registration services. Others give you just one choice. If you have the choice, choose the domain name you want to register to by using the drop-down menu next to your username.

Step 4

Enter and verify your password. You can enter a password on one of two lines. Fill up the first line with your password. Enter your password precisely as you did in the first line on the second line to confirm it.

Step 5

Make sure you are a real person. A mechanism to confirm your identity is available on the majority of XMPP registration websites. It might be a reCaptcha box that asks you to confirm that you are not a robot, or it might ask you to enter characters from an image to create an account. To prove that you are a real person, adhere to the instructions.

Step 6

Press-Register. Your XMPP address is now registered with the server you choose. Keep your password, address, and username in mind.


The Jabber network differs from other messengers in that it lacks a centralized or decentralized hub. You can create a policy for data gathering, save or not store logs, configure and operate your server, and work with law enforcement agencies.


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