August 19

How to Get a Trident in Minecraft?


A trident is a tool in Minecraft which helps the players to catch fishes and other water-based creatures. It allows the players to have easy access to those mobs that are hard to catch and can lead them to face difficulties. You might know that you can’t craft this tool and have to find it so that you can have it in your inventory and use it when you need it.

When you opt for getting the trident, consider knowing how to download the Minecraft mods as it will help you have different game controls as per their versions. The game has multiple versions, which makes them face some problems due to the change in the game controls, so you must be aware of them.

Get a Trident in Minecraft

You must know about all the aspects of the game so that you won’t get into any major trouble and leads you to suffer. Most players don’t take the game seriously, but when they face problems, they feel guilty of not taking it seriously. If you want to enhance your knowledge about the trident and how to get it in the game, you can stay connected with the information below.

Ways to Get Trident

  • Trident can’t be crafted, so you need to pick up as a drop from the killed drowned. Drowned in that aspect whose 15% is available in the Bedrock Edition and spawn with a trident of random durability. It is considered one of the natural weapons of drowning and has an 8.5% chance of dropping with each level of the loot. You should take care of all the related aspects of trident so that you can get it without facing major difficulties.
  • Make sure that you can only get the trident from drowning when drowned spawn naturally and have a chance of dropping it. In the Java Edition, the drowned trident has chances to be enchanted, and the trident enchantments have not effected for drowned. You can also get the trident from the ground when it gets thrown from another player in the game.
  • You can make multiple attacks with the help of a trident such as a ranged attack, melee attack, and other attacks. When you prefer to attack, try to learn how to make a banner in Minecraft as it will help you to have some direction when you go for any trident related task. If the banner is kept in your trident’s route, it will help you reach the right destination. The tridents which are directly thrown by the drowned can’t be picked up, and you have to do proper planning before getting it.

Wrap It Up

When you prefer to get trident in Minecraft, make sure that you will grab all the related information first as it will help you know how you can get it. With the help of the mentioned information, you can learn how you can make a better understanding of the game by clicking on the mentioned links. It will help you know how to make more knowledge from the same information and provide you with extra advantages.


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