August 19

How to Get to the End in Minecraft?


Minecraft consists of different versions and makes you have different experiences with some unique and special environments. There are some players who are not aware of the game well and don’t know how to reach the end. Before getting to the end, you must know how to make potions in Minecraft so that you can use them to reach those places where you can’t go without them.

The end of the game is not as simple as you think you must have proper knowledge about the game to clear the end. Once you grab all the related information about the game, then you can easily clear the end. As you all know that Minecraft is full of different aspects and includes so many different versions with some unique features. The end has a separate uniqueness and a separate room, which can allow you to have the best end.

 Get to the End in Minecraft

If you feel uncomfortable reaching the end, you can take some help from the information below, as it will help you know about the end. It will also make you understand the game well and helps you to reach the end version easily.

Access to End

  • To get to the end of Minecraft, the players need to go through the process of finding the stronghold with the help of the ender’s eyes. Players also have to find the portal room and then activate the end portal in the end portal room. The room of the portal if consists of 5×5 square with the end portal frames. The end portal is cut down from the corners and make a total of 12, which makes the players have the end portal room.
  • The end portal hangs over the lava pool with some stairs upside it, which helps the players to reach the end portal. A silverfish spawner sits on the top of the staircase, which will create difficulties for you. You can start the portal by placing the 12 eyes of ender into the 12 portal frames. Each frame has chances of getting generated with the end of the ender’s eye and helps you get your game’s end done easily.
  • Once you are done with placing all the eyes of the ender, then you will listen to loud noise and get the sing of end portal start-up. When you get to the end portal, you should also pay some attention to the other aspects and learn how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft. It will help you have some safe stone to make various buildings before reaching the end portal. You must be aware of all the aspects of the game for your betterment.

Final Verdict

Finally, after considering the above information, you can learn how to get to the end portal in Minecraft. It will help you have proper knowledge about your query and allow you to reach the end safely. You should always take the information provided for you seriously so that you won’t get into any problem.


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