December 18 2022

How to increase your Instagram story views as a Gamer


Everyone has been a gamer at least once in his life. If not playing PC games, then perhaps playing on your phone – not to mention those who use Xbox, consoles, and Play Stations. Gaming is a good way to spend time with your friends or simply enjoy some quality time on your own. It also affects your memory, strategy skills, and perception. While gaming is mostly associated with the Twitch platform, it is also quite present on Instagram- it’s quite popular among Young Adult users. This social network provides several ways to connect with an audience and engage with them. Gamers are followed by a wide group of people who want to stay updated on the gaming news. That is why one of the best ways to attract attention is through stories. The feature is popular as it can help grow your account by posting relevant and interesting content, and today we’ll be checking some tips on how to use Instagram Stories to increase your views as a gamer.

1. See What Other Gaming Accounts Are Posting:

In the gaming community, it is important to be updated to all novelties. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the released games and the newly updated ones. Some updates can be minor such as adding a new theme in a holiday season and sometimes they can cause a great deal like adding a new hero’s skin and new weapons. To stay informed and keep informing your followers, you need to follow other gaming accounts and see what they’re posting. Think of your account as a meeting point for all the gaming news; check what others are talking about, what are the new trends in your community, and use this knowledge to increase your views on Instagram. If anything, you can view someone’s story anonymously to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings by using Instagram story viewers. Be smart and let your stories make the best of all worlds.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags:

Although it is important to mention that the hashtag story section has been removed from the search menu, using relevant hashtags can be useful when voicing an opinion, creating, or joining a trend. Hashtag pages used to include a story section featuring all the stories that included the specific hashtag. Unfortunately, this feature has been removed from Instagram, allowing posts only to engage in the hashtag war. This doesn’t mean that you must skip hashtags; they remain an effective and useful strategy to increase your views on Instagram as it allows more people to access your stories and check your content.

3. Use Relevant Stickers:

Using stickers is the best way to engage your followers and interact with them – know what they want to watch you play or the games they love most, have a Q&A session and quizzes with those Instagram users, and catch their attention. By doing so, your followers will spend more time on your stories and they will appreciate your interactions with them – therefore doubling your Instagram views. Stickers give you the possibility to use different features; you can ask your followers questions or ask them to ask you something, you can take a quiz to find out how much your followers know about what you do, or you can do polls in making a decision. Some other features would include links, pictures, etc. Sometimes stickers contribute to boosting your confidence and motivate you to make more. It’s also beneficial for your followers who’ll feel important as they engage in interactions with you and voice their choices and opinion up.

4. Use Music in Your Stories:

Stories barely last five seconds, and sometimes you’re afraid to post something on your stories that takes more time to check and have your followers skip that story. A useful hack is to add music to your stories. Not only would your followers vibe with the songs and perhaps re-watched just for the sake of the song, but it will increase your stories’ length. People are more likely to watch a story with music as they are captivated by the melodies and rhythm than a story with a simple picture or writing. Use relevant music for your story’s content; it can be a popular song, a game’s OST, or a game’s song. For example, if you’re planning to post a League of Legends reference, you can opt for Imagine Dragons’ Enemy from Arcane’s series. If you’re posting a Genshin Impact fan art, you can use fanmade songs that went viral on social media. Make your story vibrant and catchy and remember to keep it consistent.

5. Make Them Shareable:

Sharing your stories will create a chain of reactions that will boost your visibility as a gamer and increase your Instagram views. By making your stories shareable, people can share your stories’ content on their stories, and their followers can see and share the story and so on until it reaches people who did not even know you existed! Sharing stories will give you exposure to a new audience and add value to your content. A good hack to make people share your stories is by including hooks – such as a giveaway, a Story series, a quote or a fact, breaking news, etc. You can take advantage of this feature by promoting your work and creating highlights with shareable content.


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