August 20

How to Make a Car in Minecraft?


Car is one of the essential and necessary items in Minecraft and your real world. It helps the players travel fast compared to their regular traveling and helps the players to save their time in reaching to different places. Some players are not aware of how to make a car due to which they have to opt for learning it. You must also learn how to install Minecraft mods as it will help you get the best mod for acquiring the car-making process.

Minecraft has different versions, and different versions have different game controls, and you must know about all the mods and versions so that you can play a smooth flow game. Car is beneficial in saving your time and allows you to have safe travel when you pass through your enemy’s areas. It is vital to know all the aspects of the game as it will help you understand how to make different items.

You might know that the entire game is based on crafting different items, so you must know how to make them and take advantage of them. Try to be attentive towards the below information for having proper knowledge about the game and car-related aspects.

Steps to Make a Car

  • For making a car in Minecraft, you have to start a new game in the creative mod as this mod is mainly for creating different items in the game.
  • Then you have to open the creative menu, and there are different controls for different devices such as for Computer, you have to click E key, for Console Edition you have to click X for the Xbox and square for the PS and Pocket Edition click —.
  • After that, you have to gather all the car-making materials in your inventory, and you will require Piston, Redstone Block, Slime Blocks, and Sticky Piston.
  • Next, you have to opt for finding a flat space where you can make the car without facing any hardship.
  • Then you have to put three blocks long rows of slime in a parallel direction and left some space between them.
  • After that, you have to connect the two parallel rows with the help of another two slime blocks; then, it will take the shape of “I.”
  • Next, you have to opt for creating the car body and then place the piston at the backside of one end of the car.
  • Then place your Stinky piston and then move to the front side of the car and then replace the stinky front piston with the front-facing piston.
  • Finally, you have to place the first Redstone Block and then place the rear Redstone Blocks and then sit on your car and break the stinky piston’s Redstone block.

After considering the above points, you can learn how to make a car, and then you should also opt for how to make a fence in Minecraft. It will be a very useful item for you and helps you to most of your task completions. You should try to grab as much information you can from the content as it includes two links, and you should open them for more information.


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