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How to Trade Cryptocurrencies [A Practical Guide for Newbies]

Due to the growth and development of some cryptocurrencies for the last few years, it’s no surprise that they became investors’ preferred ways to trade. Several investors who are new to trading cryptos utilized the development as the best opportunity to benefit from it and increase their wealth. While the fluctuation associated with cryptos grants huge profits, it’s important to know that the number of lost profits can even be bigger if trading is not done the right way.

Tips on Trading Cryptos

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has paved the way for different dimensions of digital currencies. Here are some of the sides to digital currencies:

  1. Trading or investing in digital currencies is possible using a crypto exchange
  2. Using the coins for transactions, cryptos are allowed.
  3. Breaking out GPU and software to mine coins can be done

Despite wanting to utilize your digital coins for other things, you will still need the knowledge and setup for trading cryptocurrencies. With the quick growth and extensive use of cryptos, people still don’t quite know how to trade cryptos successfully. So, whether you’re new or have been in the market for quite some time, it’s wise to brush up on some crypto crash course for investors and traders.

Here are some of the useful tips on how to succeed in trading in the digital currency world:

1. Choose a crypto wallet and exchange

There are some things that you need to have, such as a wallet and exchange, to start trading in crypto. Before investing even a small amount, you need to have basic knowledge about crypto wallets and crypto exchanges where you can make the trade.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a storage where you can keep your secured and encrypted passwords that symbolize ownership of the digital coins. You can think of it in the real world as saving money in a bank account where you have personal information between you and the bank.

Meanwhile, a cryptocurrency exchange can be thought of as a stock exchange where you can trade from one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or a currency such as dollars. Similar to the stock trade, a crypto exchange also demands a bank account and personal access to the exchange. There are several crypto trading exchanges in the market, which makes choosing one a challenging task. For this reason, some beginner traders opt to get guidance first from experienced traders before they start on their own. The official Bitcoin Loophole site is a good option should you want to do the same thing. The expert support behind the team of Bitcoin Loophole can guide you during your trades on the platform. Reading comprehensive reviews for crypto platforms from reliable news or magazine websites can also help. In summary, a crypto trade is possible if you possess a cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency exchange.

2. Know and understand the different crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrency trading is distinct from trading stocks, so it’s very important to know and understand how every trading exchange and process works. A variety of beginner-friendly and regulated platforms exists. However, it is important to always check the reviews of the chosen broker. Make sure not to directly invest a huge amount without having the full knowledge about what you’re getting into. It is advised to create a mock account on any crypto trading exchange to learn, navigate, practice, and understand how it works before placing a trade.

The crypto market has its ups and downs and takes hours to settle compared to fiat currencies, so be patient and don’t assume that your investment will increase right away after your first trade or purchase.

3. Know and understand the digital coins

Before committing and investing in crypto trading, it’s essential to study and research the different cryptos and how they work. Compared to traditional currencies, the orders and laws of crypto trading are different – it requires extensive knowledge about everything to pave the way to success.

Following the words of Warren Buffet, “Never invest in a business you cannot understand,” you must do your research and try your best to understand how the crypto world works before investing. Similar to other currencies and assets, the rates of crypto trading rely on the market’s demand and supply. When the demand increases, the crypto rates also increase, and vice versa.

Therefore, it’s important to understand how currency has risen in recent years so you’ll know that price stability and the appreciation and depreciation rate.

4. Understand and analyze the risk

Cryptocurrencies have a volatile nature, making trading an extremely high-risk action as it can either make or break your wallet. This can be seen from the burst in Bitcoin rates – which started at around $900 in 2017 and reached $20,000 per Bitcoin at the end of the year. However, after the burst came to the 30 percent drop in rates.

The fluctuating rate just shows that the chances of gaining profits are enormous, while the profit losses can equal the profits or more. Also, the crypto prices are receptive to several factors such as system bugs, hacks, and government regulations which can have extremely negative consequences for investors and traders. This process requires a complete understanding of the financial situation and the possible risks before engaging in crypto trading.

5. Never invest more than your budget

Dealers engage crypto customers by presenting and showing that the crypto exchange is a place where gaining easy and huge profit is possible. However, that’s only partially true due to the fluctuation that brings risks in the trade. Also, there’s a chance that a trader may lose more profit than the investments. So, make sure to never risk more than what you can’t afford to lose,

On the bright side, the crypto market ultimately balances itself out. Some days the losses may be bad, but they are balanced when the day of gains come. So be patient and wait for the right moment to invest.

6. Buy low, sell high

The fundamental that revolves between trading and investment is the appropriate time for buying and selling. This action may seem simple, but it’s difficult to execute and follow. Although there is no specific rule to stop the upside and downside, there’s an effective way to play your cards right by checking out the trend of the previous months and observing the pattern.

When you understand and analyze the digital coin and the crypto’s behavior, you can play your cards right and predict the next cycle. One of the best options is to select a coin with a stable price and invest at the right time – don’t make investments when the rate is falling.

Cryptocurrency can be effectively profitable if you possess the necessary knowledge about the crypto market and have a full understanding of the currency you’re trading in. It’s important to understand the risks and dive into the crypto world with an open mind. Once you understand and improve your trading techniques, you’re in the best position to take advantage of the ups and downs of trading in the crypto platforms and know the best time to invest.


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