June 23

How VR Technologies Are Changing Our Lives?

Virtual reality technology began to be seriously discussed thirty years ago. After several decades of silence, interest in this topic has increased with renewed vigor. At the moment, not only the hardware (VR devices) but also the software (content for VR devices) is being actively developed. The world of computer games was the first to feel the influence of VR, then it was the turn of online live casinos.

The virtual game halls today gather millions of people all over the planet. Let’s look at the key features of virtual reality and find out what to expect from this technology in different areas of our lives.

Movies and series

Those who have always wanted to feel like the hero of an exciting movie will be able to fulfill their dream thanks to virtual reality technologies. Now the technology of filming 360-degree panoramas already exists. Spherical or domed cinemas allow viewers not only to look at the screen but to see what is happening in the film from all sides. This makes watching videos in VR much more exciting and immersive.


One of the main trends of recent years is the introduction of electronic technologies in education. Somewhere students are mastering electronic whiteboards and online presentations, while more advanced schools are looking for ways to immerse their learners in virtual reality so that they can experience lifelike experiences and better assimilate the material. This can be useful, for example, in teaching driving or surgery.


VR solutions are not limited to learning alone – these modern technologies allow real operations to be carried out in the virtual reality space. Special cameras and sensors allow doctors to accurately monitor everything that happens in the body and take the necessary actions to cure the patient. The surgeon puts on glasses and holds special joysticks in his hands for remote control of mechanical devices. The operation is performed by a robot, and the doctor controls its actions.

Automotive industry

Creating and designing cars using VR solutions has not only become easier but also allows companies to get better results. For example, Ford uses VR projects at the car design stage. The Ford Design Center in Cologne has a purpose-built studio where design engineers can fully evaluate a car without having to prototype it physically. This allows developers to design the car exterior faster and better, as well as work out the trim elements to the smallest detail. In this virtual studio, the engineers were able to best design the layout of the dashboard, seats, and controls in the new car model.


The opinion that VR contributes to the isolation of people is a very narrow view of the world. In fact, we all have our own boundaries of reality – places you can’t go, people, you can’t see, things you can’t do. And opening these opportunities for all of us is not isolation, but to some extent liberation.

How do these optimistic expectations correspond to today’s reality? Startups, civil society organizations, and the media share the vision of tech giants and are already creating products that bring people together and empower them. This can be easily seen in the example of live communication between live casino players. They virtually come to a real gaming hall and communicate not only with the croupier but also with players from around the world. Just like in real life, only much more interesting!


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