August 24 2023

Lost Ark Basic Leveling Guide


To say the least, the western release of Lost Ark has been a long time coming. Even though many players are still trapped in huge queues, the game is finally in their hands.Β  But it is worth the wait?

We’ll need to look at the essential consensuses to answer that question. With its isometric camera and action combat comparable to Blizzard’s titles, Lost Ark is reminiscent of Diablo. It’s also an MMO at heart, with raids, large areas to explore, and non-combat skills like farming, establishing strongholds, and developing your guild.

This unusual combination, combined with the fact that the game has been quietly expanding away from Western audiences for years, makes it one of the most intriguing in a world still waiting for Diablo 4, or any other game with acceptable production values, to challenge it.

The large audience that Lost Ark has drawn thus far reflects this excitement. First, with the early access debut, and then later that week, when it became one of Steam’s most popular games of all time.

If you’re a single-player gamer and games like Need For Speed, slot online, or Fifa are your jam, but you boarded the hype train for Lost Ark like everyone else, then this guide might help you.

This tutorial will provide you with a basic guideline to make the leveling process easier in this wonderful game. Lost Ark is an MMO, and for players who are attempting this genre for the first time, it might be a bit intimidating.

Although level 50 is the highest level in Lost Ark, your leveling does not stop there. To obtain account-wide rewards, you’ll embark on a journey to level up your gear and complete your Adventurer’s Tome (collectibles).

Main Quests, Side Quests, Sudden Events

Characters in Lost Ark begin at level 10. The current soft cap is level 50, and the maximum is level 60. Because the primary content doesn’t start until the end game, and awards will be given out on a regular basis until then, players should focus on reaching level max as soon as feasible.

Leveling is the first of numerous obstacles that players must face before reaching the endgame in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fortunately, leveling in Lost Ark is also a breeze.

Completing the Main Story Quest will give players the most experience. As a result, if a player’s primary purpose is to level up, this should take precedence. Level 40 should be achievable just by completing Main Story Quests.

Side missions offer nearly as much experience as Main Story Quests and are quite simple to perform in addition to the Main Story Quests.

Players should grab these whenever they see them and use them to gain a significant amount of experience.

Throughout the course of Lost Ark, a number of Sudden Quests will arise. They are usually simple to do, despite the time constraints and restricted zones in which they must be performed. They provide more experience than sides and should be finished whenever possible.


Dungeon clearing will provide ‘Diablo’ aficionados with the ‘feels’ of certain familiar mechanics. This will gratify diablo aficionados of the old-school vibes while also rewarding players with a decent amount of experience.

  • The main objective of Lost Ark should be to reach the endgame. Chaos Dungeons, Voyages, and Guardian Raids will all be heavily populated. However, multiplayer is useful once the prologue is finished, but it isn’t really useful until the end.
  • Solo everything until you reach the level 50 soft cap to obtain the most playtime and bonuses. At that point, invite some pals in and pull the finale apart.

Upgrading Item Level

It is possible to invest resources in equipment and then transfer those equipment levels to fresh equipment. This is a procedure that will be used frequently in the endgame. It’s possible to do it at lesser levels as well, although it’s not advised.

Dealing with obsolete equipment is already a process. Having to spend time transferring these resources to newer equipment is inefficient when the better gear is picked up every hour or so. When picking up any found gear, the game is easily beatable. Wait till later to use this system.


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