March 17 2023

Medical Breakthroughs and IT Developments: Bill Gates Predictions for 2022


One of the richest people in the world, and the largest shareholder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates admitted that 2021 was full of events with global consequences: extreme weather changes, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the withdrawal of the American army from Afghanistan. However, he also predicts quick changes for the better in the field of medicine, ecology, and working conditions for 2022. Let’s review some of the most interesting forecasts by Bill Gates for the next year!

The Emergence of Metaverse

Gates is confident that the era of the metaverse is coming: “I predict that over the next two or three years, most virtual meetings will move to the metaverse – a 3D space with digital avatars.” Gates’ words are confirmed by real steps by Microsoft in this direction. His corporation plans to release a transitional version of the metaverse in 2022, in which the user can use a webcam to create an avatar.

In addition to organizing virtual meetings with avatars, companies will also be able to create their own immersive spaces or metaverse. This will also immediately affect the entertainment sphere, and gambling, in particular, releasing the best online casino bonuses to invite people to use the new technologies at the blackjack table.

The Development of Hydrogen Transport

According to Gates, next year we can expect a large breakthrough in the field of clean energy through the projects Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Catalyst, and Fellows. He predicts real progress in finding ways to generate clean and affordable hydrogen fuel. “This would be a huge step forward because hydrogen fuel would store energy for a long time and could be used to control large aircraft and even industrial processes,” says Gates.

Defeating Poliomyelitis

The Microsoft co-founder says that in 2022 he will strive to defeat two more diseases – poliomyelitis and tuberculosis: “This is a big, important thing for me. So if Afghanistan can stay stable, it looks like we will finally bring the number of polio patients down to zero. And we have been working on this for over 20 years.” Back in 2019, Gates warned that the leaders of the Taliban in Afghanistan “are hindering global efforts to eradicate polio.” In 2019, only 39 cases of the disease were registered in the world, 16 of them were in Pakistan and 23 in Afghanistan. These two countries are the last in the world where the disease is endemic.

Diagnostics at home

Gates predicts that soon, there will be a device that allows you to measure all vital indicators without leaving your home. The philanthropist is confident that in the coming years, doctors will be able to collect indicators of their patients from their “smart” watches. “It’s very likely that your smartwatch will become your home health monitor. But to be honest, we are still waiting for a lot of new applications and sensors to appear,” he notes.

According to Gates, in the future, anyone will be able to take a blood test at the nearest pharmacy, which will transmit the results to the MD. He also sees great opportunities in the development of telemedicine, which will allow patients not to change doctors if they move to another city.

End of the acute phase of the pandemic

Bill Gates believes that the “acute phase” of the COVID-19 pandemic will end in 2022, despite the discovery of the Omicron strain. 2021 did not bring as significant improvements in the fight against the pandemic as he hoped. “I underestimated how difficult it would be to convince people to get vaccinated and keep wearing masks,” Gates admitted.

Speaking about the dangers of the Omicron, Gates noted that “the world is better prepared to deal with potentially dangerous variants of the virus than at any other stage of the pandemic.” The billionaire is confident that over time, vaccines and antiviral drugs will help reduce the spread of the omicron strain by 50%.

Adapting to the fast-changing world is never easy. Do you believe in the above-mentioned forecasts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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