October 20 2022

Minecraft Casinos


Minecraft, launched in November 2011, started as a simple indie 3D sandbox game whose main selling point was its open-world aspect and that it had no predefined gameplay goals. The brainchild of Swedish developer Markus Persson, better known as Notch, quickly attained a massive following, growing into a global phenomenon. Three years following the game’s release, its rights got purchased by Microsoft from Persson’s Mojang Studios for $2.5 billion.

The appeal of Minecraft lies in that it has no rules, no boundaries. It is the ultimate sandbox experience, letting players create and explore their or other people’s worlds. The surface one can cover in this game is several times larger than our planet, and it features two modes, Survival and Creative. The latter is the feature where a player’s imagination is the only limit regarding the game’s displayed content. That particularly holds when it comes to building complex architectural marvels. Perhaps, you have heard of the Minecraft rendition of Minas Tirith, the capital city of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings books, or the block recreation of Westeros from Game of Thrones?

Thus, building awe-inspiring buildings in Minecraft, alone or as a part of a team, is a pastime that many of the video game’s fans adore. So, it should come as no surprise that some have decided to divert time and energy into constructing complex casinos that house roulette and slot games. Considering that Minecraft offers many different blocks, such as quarts, bricks, glass, and others, there is a great deal of variety to many of the gaming venues built in this virtual world. Moreover, the gambling machines fashioned in the game feature customizable payments and odds, adding to their uniqueness. Below, we perform a quick rundown of a few quality casino Minecraft maps, any game of chance enthusiast with a passion for this title should check out.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo is an entertainment complex in the sovereign city-state of Monaco. It got established in 1865 and only lets foreigners enter through its doors. No locals get allowed inside. The publicly-traded company Société des bains de mer de Monaco, runs this venue. That is a business entity in which the ruling family has an interest. Today, those that cannot afford to visit one of Europe’s most famous casinos can enjoy a 1:1 scale representation of it. In fact, it is not the only thing available on this map, but interested parties can traverse the entire city-state of Monaco. The project was a community workshopped product helmed by the Minecraft-centered YouTube channel, PippenFTS. You can check out the build process in a dedicated video available in the PippenFTS YouTube video library.

Bee Casino

What do bees have to do with casino-style entertainment? Absolutely, nothing. Yet, that has not stopped providers of reel-spinning games from churning out bee-theme titles like the Hive, Wild Swarm, and Honey Rush. Well, Minecraft creator Wooferscoots has also turned to everyone’s favorite pollen-spreading insect for inspiration. Bee Casino is a virtual gaming property built in the client-side schematic mode Litematica that offers fully functioning slots and roulette games created by Rexstone and a card shuffler by Wooferscoots’ design. Loads of yellows and browns get featured in this build. It also boasts many plastered bee logos and honey-comb-covered walls.

Waterfall Casino Wonderland

Okay, so here is a project that has gotten developed over the course of eight years. The Waterfall Casino Wonderland first hit the internet as an ambitious map that offered casino games. Over time, it has grown into a vast landscape that includes various mini-games. There is 3D paintball, roller-coasters, hunger game-themed obstacles courses, and so much more to get enjoyed here. Not to mention that five restaurants, three bars, and a full-service hotel also sprawl across this expansive night-time resort. Naturally, casino products are still an option at the Waterfall, a staggering complex that even has billiards and poker rooms.

Casino Night Hitman

Here is a casino-theme Minecraft map that does not focus too much on gambling. It is a goal-oriented mini-game, where a player gets assigned to infiltrate a party held inside a luxury casino and eliminate three high-priority targets. While players are en route to accomplishing this feat, they can explore the Vegas-style property that features lounge areas, bars, and a gaming floor. The map’s creator bloody_duckers makes no bones that he got the idea for this mission from the legendary third-person stealth shooter Hitman, specifically, the fourth installment in the series – Blood Money. Nevertheless, Casino Night Hitman is a fun Minecraft romp that spices things up with Sin City vibes and an atmosphere that only a high-end gaming venue can supply.


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