September 19 2022

Recent Goldco Reviews Show Why It Could Be the Best Place to Invest in Gold


Making the right investment in precious metals has never been easy with many companies presently helping investors make the right gold and silver investment. Of the many companies available, one stands out in the public domain when it comes to the most reliable firms to invest in gold and silver assets. And if you are familiar with Goldco, it only suggests that you have an interest in precious metals investments.

But is Goldco worth all the hype and what are the main reasons why the firm stands out from the others in the business? Below, you will find a no-bullshit summary of what the reviews have to say about the right company to invest in gold and silver assets.

Making the Right Investment in Gold

You obviously will need to learn about the different ways available to invest in gold. And the most common ones include buying physical assets such as bullions and coins. There are other forms of getting in such as owning ETFs or making an investment in a company that mines precious metals. However way you choose to go, you want to make sure that you are dealing with the right firm.

Review sites often shed light when it comes to comparisons between different products and services which is why they were the first point of call when I needed to learn about the right companies to invest in gold and silver. One thing you want to know about review sites is that they could often be paid to promote a business in a positive light.

And I was very much aware of this when I decided to carry out my research. Not to bore you with the many unnecessary details, below are some of the findings discovered when I carried out a review of Goldco for investing in precious metals. This page has more on why you should invest in precious metals.

Goldco at a Glance

The California-based company was established in 2006. And with more than 15 years of experience providing specialized precious metals services to a global clientele base, they have all it takes to fulfill your needs of making the right investment in precious metals assets. Their main area of expertise is in providing clients with Individual retirement accounts funded with metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and the likes.

They enjoy a top spot on the Inc. Magazine 5000 series for companies that are making progressive growth. And one of their strongest assets is their ability to provide top-quality customer service to all their esteemed clients. Getting into an IRA could be a challenging process without an experienced hand to walk you through each step of the way. And Goldco protecting wealth for their esteemed customers is all they are interested in. A hassle-free experience that ensures that you get all your needs met when it comes to setting up a retirement fund the right way.

Investing with Goldco

The minimum investment required to get into the Goldco family is set at $25K and if you will be purchasing precious metals assets, you will need to pay a yearly storage fee. The fees for storage are broken down into segregated storage fee which is fixed at $150 and the non-segregated storage fee which costs $100. Annual maintenance fees will depend on how much investment you make with the company.

For an investment of under $100K, you will be charged a fee of $80 while for accounts over $100K the fee is $130. You should know that precious metals IRA will require more fees compared to traditional IRAs. And this is only normal because they help you with storing your metals assets which they do with utmost diligence and professionalism.

Services Provided by Goldco


The company provides services in three categories which investors can benefit from depending on their preferred investment direction. You get to choose from the services below

Precious Metals IRA

You get to choose from either a gold IRA or a silver IRA. And most investors, choose Goldco because they help with purchasing the assets, filling all the paper works, and will also help with finding the right storage facility and custodian to ensure that your asset is stored safely. You will have to decide on the metal you will like to purchase and once you have concluded, Goldco takes it up from there and help you with all the nitty-gritty of setting things right so you get the best service.

Non-Precious Metals IRA

Goldco is also in the business of helping clients to set up and make an investment in a non-precious metals IRA. This means that you get to purchase gold and silver assets and then decide if you wish to keep them at home or a storage facility. There is no limit on income or age when you choose to buy metals from Goldco. You will however need to ensure that you store the assets at an approved IRS storage facility so you can stay safe. The IRS does not approve the storage of metals at home. And you can expect Goldco to help out with all your needs regarding the proper storage of your asset.


With cryptocurrency being a big deal in today’s financial circles, Goldco also provides services to the public which makes it possible for anyone to invest in a cryptocurrency asset. This could be a nice way for you to diversify your asset and invest in other asset types. And if you do choose to invest in crypto, you can purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum without stress from Goldco. This link has more tips to know about cryptocurrency investment.

Final Note

There is a lot of potential in the world today when it comes to precious metals investment. And the only way you can be sure that you are not going to get ripped off is to invest with the right company. You can trust Goldco to help you with all you need when it comes to investing in precious metals, non-precious metals, and cryptocurrency assets.


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