November 23 2022

Should you Care for Cryptocurrency Investment?


A few years ago, digital coins were just a term, and we all barely talked about it. Nobody felt that it would grow in such a big way, and we could see the involvement of big players who have invested heavily in it. Today, we often talk about Bitcoin and other digital coins in a big way, and many more websites talk about the same.

We have several news sections devoted to coins like BTC and ETH and many more. Some of the sites like IBTimes provides information regarding crypto and digital currencies. Here you can explore a lot about this coin in a big way. Here in this article, we will discuss why you should care about digital coins based investment today. Well, let’s start it once for all:

What is a Digital coin?

Before you think of investing in Bitcoin or any other coin, we need to understand. In a nutshell, a digital coin is a Blockchain technology-based coin. We see too many financial transactions taking place with the said technology. One can find too many transactions properly taking place using the technology called Cryptography, which is, in turn, is supported by technologies like Blockchain.

The coins are not regulated by anyone, including governments or banks, and thus they function in different ways than the fiat currencies. It is regarded as the P2P community-based computer network that helps many more users transact at different places.

With the help of Blockchain, it becomes easy for managing the digital database that remains a distributed kind of public ledger. These coins are found with a high level of security and integrity. Thus you also enjoy features like transparency with it.

Why are Digital Coins so vital?

Firstly, you know there are more than 10K of digital coins on the web, and the same’s purpose remains perfect. Bitcoin happens to be the first and the oldest digital coin, and it came into existence in different groups linked to a mystery man. He is known as Satoshi Nakamoto, who brought this coin to this domain.

The coin’s value is tremendous; however, it started with peanuts. Imagine the young IT professional in Florida who was first to procure pizzas investing 10K of Bitcoins. So, you can make out what value the coin had those days. Today the same amount of coins could have given the young man not less than 6 M USD.

The next popular digital coin is Ethereum. It also works the same as how Bitcoin works, and we see a good option moving ahead of times like mining and then we have too many more technologies working behind the coin. ETH gives you some of the best options to trade at various places.

These coins work at many outlets and places as a payment option. Even the big players own this coin in a big way and are making huge money out of it. Similarly, other coins like Doge, LTC and many more are worth checking. These coins may differ somehow, particularly in technology, but they share the same purpose.

Should you care about digital coins?

That’s the mood question to ask here in this article—there are many big banks, including JP Morgan and other players, who have started taking these coins seriously. However, the same banks earlier named the coins fraud, as they consider the extraordinary and rich impact of the same offer something big.

Also, many more people are on the verge of investing in the coin. We hear stories from the countries like El Salvador, which has declared Bitcoin as the legal tender. It speaks a lot about the coin and its popularity. The country is now planning to settle down with a Bitcoin city, and it is going great guns.

Considering the coins’ higher returns with their investment, you have to start caring about the coin. You can also make money if you are smart enough to know your investment coin.

Wrapping up

It makes a huge difference when investing in Bitcoin and other digital coins. These coins have given a higher return on investment despite issues like volatility. However, the kind of return it offers has made many people count a lot on these coins.


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