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Some of the leading cryptocurrency price trackers!

In the digital currency marketplace, traders and investors spend a long time exploring some new potential coins. Usually, investors look for projects and initial coin offerings that are undervalued and have the potential to skyrocket in the future. The prominent model of such a case is Solana with its native currency, SOL. Last year, Solana was valued at mere cents, but by the end of 2021, the native token Sol was floating at a market value of $222.

Price trackers account as a necessary factor when an individual uses cryptocurrencies for speculations. As the value of these tokens can wildly move in mere seconds, investors and traders should follow a quick and legit price tracker to get complete knowledge of the highs and lows. Check to know the gigantic profitability of bitcoin treading. Below listed are some of the leading cryptocurrency price trackers of all time.

Key Takeaways!

The role of a price tracker in the cryptocurrency market is to analyze and trace the spot price of a virtual coin. Besides tracing the market value of digital currencies, price trackers also demonstrate the market cap of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there is a lot of data regarding a cryptocurrency on these price trackers.

Price trackers are of different types depending upon the accuracy. When it comes to accuracy, price tracker accounts for a significant factor. However, some of the price trackers lack accuracy by an exceeding extent, so investors and traders should opt for the best price tracker of all time.

The features of reliable price trackers are complete accuracy, engaging user interface, and many other data of a particular coin.

Amongst the price tracker, the coin market cap has acquired the limelight. Every investor and trader uses the coin market cap price tracker to analyze the market value of virtual coins. One can also rate these virtual coins on the coin market cap.

What is the notion of a coin price tracker?

As discussed above, the price tracker traces cryptocurrency’s spot price and other NFTs. The majority of the cryptocurrency price tracker comes up with the previous coins data so that investors can quickly analyze the historical performance.

Few popular cryptocurrency market tracker comes with the list of biggest gainers and biggest losers. The list includes coins that have skyrocketed by a massive amount and the coins that have slumped dramatically respectively over the past few days.

Coin market cap!

The coin market cap is just like the bitcoin of the cryptocurrency price tracker industry. Coin market cap as a price tracker has evolved over the last some years. Multiple reasons are responsible for the extreme popularity of this cryptocurrency price tracker. The coin market cap came into the price tracking industry in 2013. The diversity of coins listed on the coin market cap is commendable.

Not only coins but the coin market cap has also listed NFT projects and initial con offerings. The coin market cap also provides historical data to understand the coin better. The market charts represented on the coin market cap are straightforward. For example, you cannot access the market chart in candlesticks on the coin market cap.

A coin market cap helps you seek arbitrage trading opportunities. At the bottom of the page, the coin market cap lists the spot price on different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coin Lib!

Undeniably coin market cap has dominated the industry, but CoinLib is also a popular cryptocurrency price tracker. Coinlib is popular due to the massive amount of tools available on the platform.

One can also monitor bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency marketplace on CoinLib. For example, currently, bitcoin is dominating 48% of the entire market, and the number seems to be decreasing each year as the arrival of new altcoins is unstoppable. Similar to the coin market cap, CoinLib also assists you in seeking arbitrage trading opportunities.


Bitgur came into the marketplace very late but attracted a vast user base in just a few years. This is because Bitgur lists a cryptocurrency very quickly; for example, you create your digital currency and list it more significantly quickly.

The mentioned portion describes some leading cryptocurrency price trackers of all time.


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