March 30 2023

Superstitions That Are Believed to Bring Luck on Your Side


Superstitions are beliefs or practices with no scientific explanations for specific events. Every culture has unique superstitions about aspects of people’s lives. Gamblers are primarily known to be heavily superstitious.

Many Canadian players apply superstitions to bring good luck to their side when gambling in land-bases or online casinos like SlotoZilla. Although there is no scientific research to prove the efficacy of these beliefs, some gamblers swear by them and insist on their effectiveness. Here are some superstitions that are believed to shift the odds to your advantage.

Wearing Red While Gambling

This superstition originated in China, where red is perceived as a lucky color representing happiness, prosperity, and good fortune. This explains why people in the country adorn themselves in red clothing during the Chinese New year and other holidays. Brides in China also wear red wedding dresses to bring wealth, fertility, and joy to their marriages.

Unsurprisingly, this tradition permeated into the gambling industry, and players in China often wear red clothing to the casino for good luck. Many gamblers also prefer betting on red rather than black when playing online casino games like roulette, although the mathematical probability of hitting either is the same.

Blowing on Dice

Blowing on dice is especially popular at the craps table and is believed to bring good luck to the player. It became a common superstition following its depiction in several movies, such as Guys and Dolls, Diamonds Are Forever, and Indecent Proposal. The idea is relatively straightforward. If you blow on the dice or have a lady blow on them, you will roll the number you need to win. You can apply this superstition when playing in online casinos and give your computer or mobile device a little blow before the virtual roll of the dice.

Performing Good Luck Rituals

Many gamblers in Canada perform certain rituals that they believe will bring them good luck. These rituals rely on the assumption that a connection exists between their actions and a game’s outcome. For example, if a player hits a massive win while sitting by the roulette wheel, they’ll most likely develop a belief that they must continue sitting to keep winning. Of course, it’s easier to believe that the win was due to luck and not, say, a new secured supplier licence, but people believe what they want to believe.

Gambling rituals can be anything from having a preferred gambling position to stacking your chips a specific way, swearing at the roulette table, or tapping the slot machine while watching the reels spin. When gambling in online casinos, players may also have rituals like crossing their fingers, chanting a mantra when playing slot games, or covering the screen until the roulette wheel stops spinning.

Using Lucky Charms

The use of lucky charms is common among gamblers. They bring these items into casinos or have them close by when gambling in an online casino. Examples include:

  • A four-leaf clover. Being a rare item to find, many gamblers believe that a four-leaf clover can bring good luck to your side when playing a casino game.
  • Laughing Buddha. It looks like a sitting Chinese monk with a pot belly who is bald and laughing. It is believed to bring a player good luck and huge winnings.
  • Horseshoe. Many believe that the horseshoe collects good fortune and wards off evil and negativity when it hangs in the U-shape position.
  • Cat’s eye gemstone. Punters believe it attracts prosperity and food fortune. Some wear it as part of their jewellery to improve their odds when playing online slots or other casino games.
  • Rabbit’s foot. While folklore suggests that carrying the item in your left pocket is the best option, players also put the rabbit’s foot around their necks or in a pocketbook.

Betting on Lucky Numbers

Many people believe the number 7 to be a lucky number with magical properties. So, you’ll often find gamblers consistently betting on the number when playing roulette or blackjack in online casinos. Surprisingly, while 7 is popularly regarded as a lucky number in most games, it is deemed unlucky at the craps table.

In Chinese culture, eight is the luckiest number because the number in Mandarin sounds like the language’s word for “prosperity.” Similarly, they also believe four to be an unlucky number because it sounds like Mandarin for “death.”

Avoiding a Casino’s Front Entrance

Some gamblers believe that entering a casino from its front entrance may attract the lousy luck of players who lose and then leave using the same door. Instead, these gamblers use the side or rear entrance. This superstition is relatively recent as it started some years ago when the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas constructed a lion’s mouth at its front entrance, forcing its customers to walk through it to enter the casino.

Many players, primarily Asian gamblers, thought walking through this lion’s mouth was unlucky, and this idea quickly transformed into the front entrance superstition. MGM eventually changed its entrance to appease the gamblers that didn’t like the design.

Keeping Your Legs Uncrossed

Another thing you should stop doing in gambling, is keeping your legs uncrossed. While crossing your fingers is believed to be a way of sending positive energy toward someone or something, crossing your legs is thought to have the opposite effect. The origin of this superstition is unclear, but many gamblers insist that crossing their legs when playing at a gaming table or on casino sites attracts ill luck. They believe that keeping your legs uncrossed helps you ward off the negative energy and allows good fortune to flow towards you.

Some say the tradition stems from psychology, as keeping your legs straight and on the floor promotes stability, improving your confidence and keeping you focused. Crossing your legs might make you feel too relaxed and reduce your winning chances. This superstition also applies to online gambling.


As stated earlier, none of these superstitions has scientific backing, but it would be good to try them when playing your favourite games in a physical or online casino. However, it would help if you didn’t put all your hopes in them, as the outcome of every gambling session is random. You should also gamble responsibly to enjoy the entertainment value the activity offers without running into debt or developing an unhealthy addiction.


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