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Tennis Betting for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

As a seasoned punter, you will know that there are unlimited opportunities to place bets and make a profit. There is no sport or game that you cannot bet on, including tennis.

Tennis is a prevalent sport worldwide. It is played for fun and professionally, and there are many tennis events you can watch and bet on. The sport is way simpler to bet on than most other sports; there are fewer terms and rules to learn, making it easy to make money via tennis betting even as a beginner.

Even though tennis is not complicated to bet on, many people still need pointers to start staking. Expert tipster Aladar Kollar says, “Van jó pár tenisztorna 2022-ben, ami azt jelenti, hogy a fogadóknak számtalan lehetőségük lesz arra, hogy pénzt keressenek a sportra való fogadással. A wimbledoni fogadások mellett van lehetőség olyan nagy Grand Slamekre fogadni, mint a French Open, a US Open és a szezonvégi ATP Masters. A fogadók szintén kihasználhatják az ATP és WTA sorozat eseményeinek fogadási lehetőségeit is, hiszen itt a legjobb teniszcsillagok indulnak a férfiak és nők között is. Miközben azonban a tenisz fogadásokat könnyű megérteni, a profi tippelőknek meg kell keresniük a legjobb tippeket és előrejelzéseket az olyan megbízható oldalakon, mint a Mightytips, hogy növeljék a győzelmi esélyeiket és maximalizálják a profitjukat.”

If you are new to tennis betting and would like to learn tips and tricks to help you succeed, keep reading as this article will provide you with the essential tips you need to be successful in wagering on tennis games.

The Different Ways to Bet on Tennis

Tennis allows you to bet on several possibilities. You can bet on the winner of a match, over and under, walkover tennis betting, in-play tennis betting, retirement, and many other bet markets. It may seem like a lot to learn, but having options allows you to leverage on different outcomes and find an opportunity to make a profit.

Some ways to bet on tennis are:

1. Outright Winner Bets

This bet is one of the most straightforward bets to place, and beginners are advised to start with this. It is also called the “to win” bet, and it involves betting on who you think would win the next tournament.

Before playing an outright bet, learn about the players in the tournament and what advantages they have. This will help you make calculated and profitable bets.

2. Match Betting

This is very similar to outright betting. The difference is that, instead of betting on the winner of the whole tournament, you are betting on the winner of a single match.

Match betting is straightforward. Since there are only two players in a tennis game, it is easy to pick sides. But you will make more profit if you bet on the underdog, and your prediction is correct.

You also get to make your money faster because one tennis match can last ninety minutes depending on how many sets there are.

3. Handicap Betting

In tennis handicap betting, you can bet on a player who you think will do well but still lose. For instance, you can predict that player one will lose by two games in a five-set match, and at the end of the game, player two won by three games. All bets placed on player one will win because even if he lost, your prediction was correct.

4. Exact Score Betting

Here you will predict precisely how many scores the game will end with. This can be challenging if you are new to betting on tennis. You should know a lot about each player involved in a match to have a concrete basis for your next prediction.

5. Prop Bets

This is another simple way to make money on tennis game betting. The bookie will usually predict that some incident will occur in the game, and you are to bet whether or not it will happen.

They have the opportunity to design creative scenarios like whether there will be retirement or at what round a particular player will be eliminated. Your job is simple, bet for or against every scenario given.

Essential Tips That Will Help You Succeed In Tennis Betting

Because there are many avenues to place bets and make profits on tennis games, it doesn’t mean you should set every type of bet. Some tips to help you stay ahead as you bet on tennis include:

1. Research on Player Head to Head Records

The two players you want to bet on may have faced each other before, and taking time to find out what the outcome of their previous matches was would do you a lot of good. Their last record gives you an idea of how to go about predicting the next game.

Atletas, Público, Concorrência, Quadra, Multidão, Fãs

2. Interpret Statistics 

This also has to do with researching the players in a game. Learn about the players’ former games and how relevant their form is. Are they still relevant in today’s game world, and what are the odds that betting on them will be profitable?

After putting the two players side by side, it will be easier to establish who is likely to have the edge over the other.

3. Study the Behavior of Players When Under Pressure

Because tennis games are played head to head, players are usually under pressure. Study how players react to certain situations.

Evaluate the conditions each player has played in before and compare such scenarios with the match you are betting on. Their reactions in similar situations may come in handy as you place your bets.

Tennis Betting Rules 

Please take note of the following tennis betting rules, as they can come in handy as you stake your bets.

  • Have a strategy
  • Specialize in a particular kind of bet
  • Use different betting sites
  • Always do your analysis
  • Research is important
  • Place a bet only when you see the significant value.


In addition to all of the above, remember that the betting platform where you place your bets is essential. Many betting websites present different odds, games, and prop bets. Please find the best sites and work with them.

Doing your research is very important, but for additional help, visit sites that give out betting tips and predictions. A good tipster will help reduce the amount of work you have to do and make it easier to win and profit from betting.


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