January 4

Tfue Asks Epic To Ban Hackers That Are Ruining His Custom Lobbies


Fortnite is the most popular battle royale game in the world. Millions of players log into it every day to find out whether they can get a victory royale or not. On Twitch, a big number of streamers stream Fortnite daily so that their viewers can enjoy their gameplay. One of these streamers is Tfue, a streamer who is known as one of the best Fortnite players in the world. However, the streamer recently faced some issues with his custom lobbies where a number of hackers were ruining his experience.

Custom Lobbies in Fortnite

The battle royale has an arena mode through which players can learn new skills and test how good they are at combat. There are some players who even go against competitive players to see whether they are ready for the big league or not. Such players basically create one lobby and all of them just hop into it. This helps with getting the level of practice they can’t get in regular matches. And just like some other tops streamers, Tfue also has a habit of hosting custom lobbies from time to time.


Tfue allows his subscribers to play against him and each other in his custom lobbies. Fans are given the chance to eliminate their favorite streamer in these lobbies. However, it seems like the streamer has been facing some problems related to hackers lately. His custom lobby called Tfault skirmishes became a target of a hacker who was using aimbot to ruin the experience of everyone.

Tfue Gets Eliminated By A Hacker

Tfue and his partner were casually enjoying in the custom lobbies until something different happened. Both of them were scoped from far away, but they just couldn’t confirm whether the player was cheating or not. As Tfue was curious to see what actually happened, he decided to spectate the player who eliminated him. Soon after this, he discovered that the player was just eliminating every other player he encountered.


Right after discovering that his guess was right, Tfue felt really disappointed and called out to Epic Games for allowing such thing to happen. He asked Epic Games to ban the player as he was using aimbot to ruin his custom game. One thing to keep in mind here is that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. There have been many cases in the past where some hackers have managed to slip into custom lobbies to ruin the experience of every other player. If this was happening for the first time, Tfue could’ve ignored it. But even the top streamer is tired of encountering hackers every other day.

Hackers are something that exist in every other multiplayer game, specially in battle royale titles. Apex Legends and PUBG are also filled with players who use different hacking software to get an advantage against each other. Although developers have tried various methods to put an end to them, they just can’t prevent them from coming up with new ways to cheat.


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