December 27

The best CS:GO betting website


Professional online games are as popular as they can ever be. They are now widely recognized as countless tournaments are hosted all year round.

Esports betting plays a huge part in the success of these tournaments, with millions of people all over the world tuned in to see their favorite teams– supporting them by placing bets.

Let’s deep dive into what CS:GO betting is all about!

What is CS:GO?

Released in August 2012, Counter-strike: Global offensive or most commonly known as CS:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter game consisting of two teams with five players each. Developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, it is the fourth installment in the Counter-Strike series.

The game centers between pitting two teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Playing against each team, there are different game modes that are objective-based.

Staying true to the idea behind their definitions, the terrorists plant bombs, and the counter-terrorists attempt to stop them– this is one of the most common game modes. Another one is that the Terrorists will abduct civilians and keep them hostage while the Counter-Terrorists attempt to rescue them. All in all, there are nine official game modes.

Retaining its title as one of the most popular games, it’s not a surprise that CS:GO has penetrated into the esports scene.

What is esports?

To give a quick rundown on what esports is, according to CNN, esports is the world of competitive video gaming, now considered an international phenomenon because of its millions of supporters and blinding billions of dollars up for grabs.

Basically, competitors compete in professional leagues and tournaments– CS:GO being one of them– in fact, they are one of the most popular esports scenes in the world. The CS:GO professional scene is hosted by Valve-sponsored tournaments known as Major Championships.

The prize tolls have grown from $250,000 to $1,000,000 and Astralis is the most successful team of all time.

What is CS:GO betting?

Having explained what an esports tournament is, let’s now take a closer look at what betting is– specifically, what CS:GO betting is all about.

Dubbed as the most popular game to play and bet on as of writing, it is well expected that CS:GO has an astonishing following– both gamers and bettors alike.

Having mentioned how much the prize at stake has grown to, it is safe to say that CS:GO has amassed a staggering amount of players or teams that bettors can support.

If you’re new to esports and wondering if it’s safe to bet, according to, it is entirely safe to bet as long as you are doing so through a well-regulated and licensed esports betting site.

How does CS:GO betting work?

Now that we know the basics about esports and CS:GO, it’s time to talk about how betting works in the game! The list below will give you an insight into how this works and what are the important steps you should take in order to bet on CS:GO.

  • Go to a trusted betting website
  • Register for an account
  • Deposit the amount you wish to gamble.
  • Choose a match to bet on.
  • Feel free to look around and discover the different odds that are available.
  • Place your bet.
  • Wait for the math you selected and hopefully claim your winnings afterward!

It’s as simple as that! Just like any traditional betting, only done online!

But despite the simplistic approach of the entire process, it is still important to do your research.
Get to know the trade before you bet! Doing so will eventually make you an expert!

Below are some tips and tricks to help you out!

  • Get to know the team that you’re betting on. Be familiar with their members and the strengths of each player.
  • Review the teams’ most recent plays. See if they’re on a winning streak or the opposite.
  • Frequently visit websites that post accurate reviews and analysis of CS:GO matches.

These may seem like very simple advice, but are guaranteed a sure-fire way to get you going!


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